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The Day The Rain Came To Stay


Brent Fuller

Trouble was a friend with whom I played when I was little
Spring excitement, fresh young air
Na´ve and non-committal
We galloped thru new grass we ran
And danced as if to say,
I believe in Chance
And I wonder if
I believe again today

That's how I met Hurt
But was soon to find
The danger I was in.
It tasted like smoke that he had hid
The fact he was Hurt's cousin

Their last name was Fate
And Ahh, those sinful nights of Poker
Till a foggy morn' someday in June
I finally picked the Joker

In the spirit of truth
I admit my wasteful youth
With my playmate fellow.
Trouble is liked
And still looks cute
With his cousin I was in bed though.

With weary breath now
And fool's reluctance
I see I'm beat indeed
Did I take too soon those
Not earned pleasures
To reap eternal need
Did I lose to a game of my own device
When looking in those faces
While love in life
And certainty
Reside in other places

And so today the weather reflects
The temperature of my hope
It's foggy again so late in Fall,
And rainsoaked fields have choked
Nothing could grow in this flooded wake
I don't know I prayed
For my only crop
That never came
And wish I'd known in May

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