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Bangalore Krishna Murthy

Oh Lord, you’re the air and the fire that heralds
You’re the author of the planet and the stars
The hot waves followed by the cold wave that drives
You’re here and there the force encircles

All seasons, the cosmos are your playground
The joy and sorrow you’re the guide for universe
The colour, the cloud, the drain and brain
You’re the magnet, command behind the scene

I am a child acted like matured brilliant and smart
Creator of my own destiny, the pleasure, the wealth
I am the master the leader and never compromised
‘I’ allowed not to recall the real creator

Oh lord, you gave me good shape, healthy always
You lent me talent, dignity better position amongst
Many creatures live without food, shelter and love
You gave me all but I had no time to remember you

I am a moving computer with preloaded software
My love, struggle, the saga in your keyboard
At the fog end, I realize I am just hardware
I acted beyond your software, the fate, forgive me!

The planet rulers the super powers their extreme ego
The Bush Laden defective software you’re the commander
Plenty techies are awaiting to detect virus, to debug
Oh lord change the source code save lives, hence prayer

All strive for wealthy dream, luck ,lotto not spared
The life line for currency revolves around even the rock
Oh lord, feed dollar in your software I am grateful forever
Harvest peace affection on this planet and stars, thank you

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