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Anne Frank's Life


Brittney Eischens

Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929,
When Adolph Hitler was in line.
He wanted Anneís father to fight but he said no
So to the family it meant great woe.

In the Secret Annex the family did hide,
Not making a peep,
The family waited for Meip to come to their side
But during the day being so quiet Anne would sit and write a diary of all my thoughts and memories to keep.

At night it was a whole other deal,
They could talk and walk and even have a dream,
The family would eat a somewhat horrible tasting meal,
As Anneís mother fixed a quiltís seam.

When the Germans came,
Nothing was the same,
The family was torn apart,
And taken away in a train cart.

They were taken to concentration camps,
All taken different places,
Tears were running off all of their faces as the train ran of the ramps,
Fear was found in their faces.

That one day had come for Anne to die,
There was just one little lie,
She believed her father had died,
So she laid down in her bed and cried.

Then two months before the war ended,
Anne took her last breath,
Her dad escaped though a door,
He went back home after all of the deaths.

Otto Frank went back to the Secret Annexe where the Germans scattered the diary pages,
He went trough and corrected mistakes and errors,
Which Anne had written throughout her ages,
He found out how much Anne really loves and cares.

Now today, many years that have passed,
We still read the sad story,
So we as a world must be certain that others arenít harassed,
And that all that live, may live in glory.

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