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Brent Fuller

Has anyone met a like itinerant 
In all too long a while?
Walking down these hazard streets
A Dare 
To illicit smiles. 
People seem to swarm within
Likeminded, taciturn guile
Ah, but those on easy street
Tick gorgeous, red turnstiles

I’ll not rise and greet with glee 
Your scented panorama
Your pillows for shoes
And at least one muse 
All cake, and dandy, and smile

“Take care”
(You say)
Still, playing games of havoc.
Trite then truce, 
Benevolent abuse,
Your shirts, and clean, and sideways

“Wisdom and truth are not allowed  
And hope is not an option.”
“A summit can be scheduled 
So come join us in our faction”
“Just rally in our riddle here and 
Stop mischievous rhyme now”…
Darwin lost contempt for Earth
While spitting toward the gallows.

‘Twas just a smear
What he spread while here
But time won’t tell that prattle
Genius kind
Play hoodwink fine 
But I’m Tattler
Bereft and sallow

Everyone stamped their foot and sulked 
Upset with this brand new way,
But sat, and scoffed, and slept, and found
That God is yesterday

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