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Through the Eyes of a Child


Bonita Grace

How long has it been since you've played in a mud puddle or lay on your back looking at the clouds forming airplanes, elephants, and all of nature's wild; chased butterflies or captured lightening bugs, jumped rope or played hopscotch, basketball or simple Simon? How long has it been since you've stopped and really watched the sunset to see all the beauty of it's colors as it fades beyond the mountain or watch the ducks come in for a landing on the local pond just before dusk, cooked beans and wieners over a campfire for dinner and dessert was marshmallows on a stick? 

I was a grandmother and had my own daycare center before I realized just how sweet and innocent children truly are.  How they take you by the hand to make you stop, look, and listen once again to all the beauty of the world.  There's so much beauty in this world we tend forget in our busy adult lives, until we look once again though the eyes of a child.

I thank God every day for the children in my life. I hope they will forever keep me young and never let me forget how to laugh or to smile.  May they help me to always remember not to see life so seriously.  I wonder who will be there when they are grown to take their hand and remind them to slow down to see this world once again as they did when they were just an innocent child.

May we always remember:  we don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.

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