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About Time and Too Late


Brent Fuller

Some would say
Is piloting the skies
Anotherís called to surgery
And lost to her surprise.

We laud statesmen
And diplomats
Who never show fatigue
Unsurpassed was Martin Luther King
And his brave creed
One more clings to nature
Praising earth and sky and sea,
A stately Weeping Willow tree
I once dreamed to be

Though brave few lived the frenzied fray...
They still despaired
To their dismay
Yet Death in twisting irony
Sees all of life
Quite mockingly

Now they say
A shame it is to sell your dignity
Just live life intentionally
Donít ask for truth weíll never see
They sense instinct calamity
Though they still think so politically
But then in best intentions
Forget "correctly"
So conveniently

If you donít ask for gold
You shanít be told
Agrees manís vanity
But the charms not even there
Insured for life
Such misery

Flailing in the soup of loss
We would not choose that terrible cost
No way to borrow
Lifetime lost
The path has missed
A required Cross

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