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God Calls Me...


David Frazier

As the cubicle shook and groaned,
I thought, ďSo this is what itís like,
To feel the wrath of ignorance.Ē
Thanks for the peek at hell.

What did I do to them,
That they want to kill me so?
I know them not; they know not me.
I am a faceless victim to them.

The floor was failing, walls dropping,
And ceiling, too, all around me.
Nowhere to run or hide,
Evil totally veils this office.

Suddenly I am standing on nothing,
Falling, my stomach is in my throat.
I thought of a roller coaster,
And how I laugh about it when itís over.

It was like I had no weight,
I look down and see concrete falling,
I look up and see concrete falling.
Iím in a sandwich of death.

Iím a leaf at the mercy of the wind.
A helplessness Iíve never felt.
Absolutely nothing for me to do.
Except say a prayer.

ďDear God, hold me in Your hands,
And those others, too, that fall.
Give peace to my children,
And to my poor wife, my love.

Only You can figure it out now.
Soon Iíll ask You why.
Did You have need of me in Heaven?
Please tell my wife and kids, so they will sleep.Ē

Or did You rescue me from an evil,
In a world that has lost all hope?
I do not deserve Your attention,
Though I welcome Your Grace.

People will look for me,
For many days they will search.
Please show them a smile on my lips,
So they will have hope that Your Peace does existÖ

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