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An American Tragedy


Scott R. Jones

The devastating news was heard today
About lives lost in a tragic way
An attack on our freedom was made today
By blood thirsty cowards from far away

Tall buildings fell and fires burned
As downtown Manhattan lies in ruin
A cloud of dust filled the sky
From tons of rubble that piled up high

The Pentagons flames continue to burn
As another plane lies amongst the ruins
A total of four went down today
Commandeered by madmen who lost their way

The innocent have died, heros are lost
Families are broken at a terrible cost
Hearts around the world cry at the sight
As they search for survivors throughout the night

The prayers of many are said today
As we hang on to hope for a brighter day
God only knows who's still alive
Beneath the rubble that lies outside

This act of war that happened today
Is a breach of our peace and they will pay
The spirit of America will be preserved
And defeat this evil without reserve

As a nation under God we proudly stand
For we live in peace across this land
But this act of aggression that effects us all 
Will never ever make us fall

September 11, 2001
Scott R. Jones

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