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Scott R. Jones

By the dawn's early light our flag was still there
My emotions stir as those words hit the air
I reflect on the freedom we enjoy today
And pray that it will never be taken away

Brave soldiers died through the years
In wars and battles that brought many tears
Dough boys fought in those lowly trenches
Drenched in blood as they crawled through the mud

The bombers flew so very high
As the flack from below pierced the sky
Soldiers stormed on foreign beaches
And Jungles devoured our soldiers with leeches

The oceans of the world entomb our men
In watery graves where they fought to the end
From Pearl they sailed to the sea of Japan
May God have mercy upon this land

Brave men and women laid down their hearts
And gave their best as they did their part
Our freedom is recorded with the blood of man
From coast to coast you should love this land

Patriotism should be a part of our life
But some choose to demonstrate and show their strife
So many have forgotten the reason why
So many don't care and it makes me cry

Our freedom was challenged on nine one one
Some thought it couldn't happen, but it was done
So when you see that flag flying high
Never forget the reason why

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