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News Flash (Extra! Extra!)


Tiffany Alfonso

September 11

Extra! Extra!
The towers fell down to the ground,
The Pentagon lost its side,
A plane collides in a field in Shanksville, PA,
Read all about it,
A tragedy has happened today!
Extra! Extra!

Extra! Extra!
Read all about those three tragedies,
Caused by those reckless planes,
Piloted by those reckless men,
Who came from some group called Al-Quada,
Led by Osama Bin Laden,
Tell the army to punish him,
Tell him to stop!
Extra! Extra!

Extra! Extra!
Read all about it, Americans,
The terrorists made our economy stop,
We lost thousands of lives,
Head to the churches!
Drive to the synagogues,
Strut to the temples!
And pray for the victims, y'all!
Extra! Extra!

Extra! Extra!
One year has passed
And the death toll is over 3 thousand,
Tell God to continue blessing America,
Say that freedom are sturdy towers each equipped with a shield
That would prevent terrorists from toppling them over,
Encourage people to cherish freedom
And pray every September 11th for all the victims,
God is watching you, folks!
Extra! Extra!

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