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Samantha McDonald

Why do some wish to change the color of their skin? 
Why do we wish to not be fat, but thin? 
Why don't we look on the inside? 
Instead we judge the outer side. 

Why is there even a difference between black and white? 
Why do we always say the colors started the fight? 
Why do we tell them to go home where they came from, so far
When we're the ones who brought them here and forced them to

Why do we call their skin a color, when ours is too? 
We all have the same things both me and all of you 
We all see we all hear 
We all taste we all feel 

We all get sad we all get mad 
Why is white defined good and black defined bad? 
We're not white, nor are you black 
I wish what we did to you we could take back 

Whether we are black or we are white 
I must say we never treated you right!

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