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Paper Towel


Karen {Zulu}

I feel used-up and thrown-away
Like a paper towel from Yesterday
That was used to wipe away
Ten thousand tears from Yesterday

(fairy godmother grant me a wish)
(wishes wistful wishes, ahhh)

I feel faded-out and put-away
Like a photograph of Yesterday
Magenta often fades away
When faced with stares of Yesterday

(bring me a golden dish)

I cried my eyes out Yesterday
Like a child who cannot play
With the broken toys from Yesterday
Torn-up, shattered, blown-away

(full of wishes I can wish)
(wishing wishful wishes, ahhh)

I tried to sleep through Yesterday
Closed my eyes as I did pray
My golden dream of Yesterday
Paper towel used and thrown-away

(for golden wishes in a golden dish)
(away away away... ahhhhhhhh way)

(shattered, tattered, blown away, magenta dream of yesterday... ahhh)

For all the victims and their families.

Leftover LyriX (Zulu)

Karen (Zulu)

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