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Rusty Broadspear

'Gosh Josh, what's that on the mat?'
It lay neatly curled, odorous, steaming.
'It's mine,' Josh chuffed,
'To you, master. I bet that's pleased you.'
'I can tell you're pleased
The way you point to the door.
You want walkies, don't you?
Would you like some more
Before we go?'
The master raised his hand.........
'Ahh a playful pat,
I do so like to please master.'
The master swung the leash
'YES! - I knew it - time for walkies.'
Josh, the fat, black labrador
Shook his tail and rump
As he waddled to the door.
His tired eyes looked up at master
He gave a hoarse bark of anticipation.
Master pushed old Josh outside
And through the closed door, he shouted,
'Wow!! Master's so pleased,
he's letting me roam alone!'
'Before I go, I'll leave him another present,
On the doorstep, then he'll love me more.'......
'By the time you find that, master,
I'll be on my way back,
Then we can spend a quiet evening alone.........'

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