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Souls Warrior


Michael Faircloth

Chapter 7

A New Baby Girl

Bane and Walk make their way to the hospital where Catherine has delivered her newest child. There they find her setting up in the bed with her newest love in her arms, feeding. “Oh how I have miss you my sweet Catherine. We have eliminated Bubacraphead and now I get the next few years off to be with my family. Tell me dear, what shall we name this perfect little girl?” Catherine, just as beautiful as the first time Bane ever laid eyes on her, smiled at her hero and softly responded,” My love, I would like for you to meet our child. Upon her birth, the Souls General visited briefly and requested that I name this little girl Angel. He said that she has a very old soul that has been merged with our souls and she is in need of a lot of love. He also told me that my friend, although she lost her body, has never left my side. “ Bane pondered Catherine’s words for a few moments then his eyes opened wide and his mouth dropped open as he stared at Catherine. “Yes my dear, you are the father of Angel now. Do not worry, when she turns thirteen, she will regain her warrior identity, but she will also remember all of the love we will give her. We are reborn with the same soul, and our new family is just as important to us as our first family. You will have one awesome daughter in this little girl; Angel, you and I are all part of her, now. She will do wonders for the Souls Warriors.” With those words out of Catherine’s mouth, Bane held his Angel for the first time and as he looked into her eyes, she smiled and then threw-up on him. “Yes my little love, this is going to be a lot of fun,” Bane laughs while he wiped the baby’s puke off his shirt. “I see my greatest challenge yet awaits me.”

Bane, Catherine and their eight children, where now all at home enjoying being a normal family. “Catherine, I have some wonderful news, my love. I just got off the phone with Walk. He, Big John, some new teammates are coming over for dinner tonight. It’s been quite a while since we’ve had our friends over, so I hope you don’t mind,” informs Bane. “Bane, a man of great intelligence, a warrior of good feared by all evil, the father of my eight children, you have thirty minutes to get in the car and go buy dinner. My little Angel needs my full attention; her cold is keeping me quite busy. I know your cooking, and the other kids have too much going on tonight. If we are to have guest on a school night, while my baby is sick and the house is a mess, I suppose you have got your work cut out for you; no tricks, I have run out of explanations for your disappearing while the cars are still in the driveway.” affectionately but firmly replies Catherine. Bane complied with his orders from the only woman he has ever loved, and was off to get pizza, Pepsi, and beer. This combination would please all.

Catherine had the older children quickly clean the house while she tended to the youngest ones. She was looking forward to seeing her old friends and she was curious about the unnamed guest soon to arrive in her home. Being a wife and a mother has been the biggest challenge she has ever faced. She was so in love with her husband, that she would do it a thousand times over, if necessary.

Bane, parked his minivan, and then brought the food into the kitchen. He walked to the living room to let Catherine know he was home, only to find her busy in conversation with Walk and Big John. “Hey guys, when did you get here, I didn’t see your car out front.” mention Bane. Catherine quickly remarked,” Now honey, surely you don’t expect these fine warriors have time to waste driving, now do you?” Bane just smiled and walked over and kissed his lovely wife and joined in the conversations.

Walk took over the conversation, “I have some old friends with me tonight, that you have not yet meet, Bane. Allow me to introduce Kate, who is eighteen yeas old in this life. She has been on our team for about a thousand years and just recently graduated from high school, again.” “It is so nice to meet the only man to make Catherine fall in love. I gave up on her ever wanting to share herself with a man, a long time ago. You must be very special to have won her love. It is nice to finally meet you.” With those words, Kate walked over to Bane, leaned over and kissed him on top of his head. “This fiery redhead by my side is Kelly. I have known Kelly for three thousand years and have never known another woman like her. She is currently twenty-four and always manages to be born with bright red hair and blessed with the kind of body that takes my old soul captive. Meet the only woman that has ever made me behave,” introduces Walk. “It my pleasure to meet you Bane. Walk trained you and you are still alive with your first body; that doesn’t happen often. Now that I am back, I will keep a close eye on Walk to ensure he stays out of trouble. So, if you ever need him, he’ll be with me and I’ll be taking good care of him. I will be glad when he matures a little more; everybody thinks I’m his big sister instead of his woman.“ With much humor in her voice, teases Kelly. “This fine lad quietly sitting in the corner is Guss. Guss just finished medical school or something like that. He had long family obligations to fulfill; otherwise, he would have been fighting by our side in your last battle. He’s still new, this is only his second body so I have to baby sit him.” finishes Walk. “Hello Bane, I have heard quite a lot about you. You know how Walk likes to drink beer and talk. You are some of his best stories, it is my pleasure to meet you. I confess that I wish I could have won Catherine’s heart in my first life, but I was not the one for her. She did become a great friend and trainer to me. You are fortunate that she chose you, she always avoids relationships with men, until she gave you centuries of stored love and the promise of eternal happiness. I am indeed honored to know such a worthy man,” greeted Guss.

“Catherine, you must fill in the “new” old guys in on your family and your plans. Bane, go and buy us some more beer, we are almost out,” Walks speaks with an unusual smile on his face. With a slightly confused look on his face, Bane obeys and leaves the house for his mission.

Stopped at a red light, Bane glances over to his left to see a familiar figure in a black sport car. It is un-mistakenly the Souls General. He pulls ahead of Bane then turns into an empty parking lot as Bane follows. “General, Sir” speaks Bane. “What is going on, why are you here”. “My greatest warrior, I arrange for this meeting so that Catherine will not know of what we will speak. Catherine chose to become a mother in this life and is quite satisfied with the family she has created. She was quite unhappy when I sent Angle’s soul into your daughter’s body, but she came around when she was informed that Angle’s soul would be mixed with the two of yours. It was a hard sell for me, I am the Boss and I don’t enjoy dealing with the emotions of a mother, especially one with the intelligence and strength of your wife.” “I know what you mean. My wonderful wife does not alter her thinking for anyone. What she says, is the law” adds Bane. “You obviously understand my apprehension,” agrees the Souls General. “Apprehension about what” ask Bane. “Hunter’s death was a routine event for a warrior. He was sent to a strong couple, but there were problems. The mother died giving birth. His new father tried to take care of him but could not get over the loss of his wife and yesterday he committed suicide. Now I have an unrevealed warrior that needs a family. I want you to adopt this child but Catherine cannot know why. She must not know the one you call ‘Hunter’ is being raised by her. She is already burdened with caring for Angel’s soul and I fear that the knowledge of this baby’s true nature will greatly upset her.” Reveals the Souls General. “There is another reason for her not knowing, isn’t there” ask Bane. “Yes, when Hunter becomes aware in his new body, he is going to need a lot of help to get over his last death. It was one of the worst he has known and some warriors cannot recover from such a death and retire only to end their own life permanently. When he regains the knowledge of his past, his fate will depend on your skills as a father and as a friend. Catherine would never subject the rest of her children to the pain that may follow. She has lost a few friends in this manner and I do not think she would volunteer for this particular mission. I will come and talk with her a few months before Hunter turns thirteen and let her know what I have done. She will know that you have followed my orders and will love you for your strength in taking on such a complicated task, not to mention for sparing her thirteen years of worry.” concludes the Souls General. Off speeds Bane’s Boss to where ever the boss goes.

Bane completes his mission and returns home with the beer that Walk sent him after. “Honey, I home” jokes Bane as he enters the house. He finds his wife sitting on the couch, alone except for the baby that she is nursing. “Where did everybody go?” ask Bane. “Honey, come and sit down beside me, I need to talk to you about a very important matter.” Bane complies with Catherine’s request and takes a seat beside his beautiful bride. “Bane, we have made a wonderful family with eight perfect children. Our plans are well established. Walk’s real reason for stopping by tonight was to ask for our help on a personal matter. He needs a family for a baby that has meet with tragedy. A young boy, born on the same day as our sweet Angel is in need of a family. Walk feels that we should raise this child and has convinced me. I don’t want to mess up our planes and know that it will complicate things, but I really think we should do this. I trust Walk’s judgment and hope you will agree to adopt this baby.” Bane smiles at his wife as he replies,” My sweet wife, I will agree to this as long as you understand that this will be more complicated than you ever imagined.” “Yes, I do understand and I am glad you want to take on this new challenge, baby Mark will arrive tomorrow around noon,” concludes Catherine.

Chapter 8

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