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Souls Warrior


Michael Faircloth

Chapter 8

A Matched Set

The family discussion has ended and all have been informed of the new baby to arrive today. “I am so glad that all my children understand what we are doing. The boys are glad that another boy is in the family because it gives them a majority power over the girls; I never would have thought that. It is almost time dear, Walk should arrive soon with my new son,” emotionally speaks Catherine. As if on cue, the doorbell rings. Luke, the oldest son, rushes to get the door, while knocking over everything in his path. “He’s here, he’s here!” excitedly shouts Luke. Luke, with Jake, the second eldest son, at his side, welcome Walk in, and Walk gives the baby to Luke to hold. Being the oldest of eight kids, Luke knows how to take care babies. He holds the infant to his chest as if it was his own. “Mom, dad, it’s my new brother, he’s awesome,” shouts Luke.

Walk quickly departed, with his mission completed. The infant Hunter now in good care as the Bane family begins a new chapter in this life; twins from two different worlds.

The twins are sleeping side by side, as Catherine sits by them while reading the newspaper. She has giving a lot of thought as to why Walk wanted her take the baby, knowing the uniqueness of her family. She stares at the beautiful babies, wondering how the new son will fare amongst a family of warriors. She considers the fact that Walk was ancient when she first meet him so many centuries ago, and he would only do what was good for the world. “If this baby boy is important enough for me to raise, than I will accept him as my own and he will be Angle’s twin, as far as the rest of the world will know,” concludes her thoughts as she drifts off to sleep, for even warriors are no match for twin babies.

Several weeks have now passed since the twins were reunited and Bane has been finishing the design of his training studio he will have built on the wooded lot behind his home. He has contracted this project to an old friend that he knows he can trust. This training studio needs to be unnoticed by others, yet its size will need to be considerable for the level of training to be accomplished. It will appear to be as a simple martial arts studio on the surface. The second and third levels will be buried in the ground and will be massive. Only the souls warriors will know of these levels, and of course the children, as they reach that level of training. The trees will hide the construction and Bane’s contractor will employee only trusted people to build this studio. When money is no object, great things can be built.

With the money transferred to his contractor’s account, the construction begins. The kids have been told that dad is building a studio to train in and that all the kids will also train there. They seem excited about having a real studio to train in. Mom has always required them to exercise regularly and training is a normal daily routine. The Bane children are amongst the top athletes at their schools and are known as responsible and caring citizens. They are still kids living their first life and have no clue what they will become in the future, Catherine has seen to that. She makes great effort to ensure that this first life her children have is one that they can reflect on with love and peace, as they spend countless centuries protecting this world. If all goes as planned, it should take only eight months to complete the studio and then the official training can begin.

Chapter 9

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