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Souls Warrior


Michael Faircloth

Chapter 6

Let Hell Freeze

Walk, Big John and Bane woke to a stunning sunrise. The birds made beautiful music while keeping in tune with the wind chimes which where being played by a light breeze. None of the warriors knew exactly where this safe house was located, they were not even sure if it was on Earth; they simply knew how to get there when they needed to hide from all others. The Souls General seemed to have a plan for every circumstance. From where these three supernatural men stood, there seemed to be a world without evil; they knew better and they knew the time to lay rest to this saga had approached. Bane wonder of the fate of his family; his children he missed, his Catherine he long to hold and what of his new daughter? He needed to trust in Sang and believe in the guidance of the Souls General.

“Come my friends, let us talk strategy,” Walk softly requested of his fellow warriors as he pored each of them a cup of coffee. The safe houses were stocked with the best food and beverages that Bane ever tasted; he thought to himself if this were to be his last cup of coffee, it would definitely be the best he ever had. “Bubacraphead will have his existence ended today. We will all survive and by this time tomorrow, we will be at the hospital with the newest Bane in the neighborhood. This is of course is a tentative plan hinging upon our performance today. Bubacraphead knows the time is near and he does not believe that he will loose. It would really piss me off if I have to wait another thirteen years to wipe that slug off the face of this wonderful planet. One the other hand, I have no problem returning in thirteen years to reminisce over our victory. Should that be the case, I would be the right age to date one of your daughters, Bane”. Bane smiled,” You are a sly one my friend Walk; you need not to threaten me with such a horrible notion just to make sure I keep you alive. Besides, the Souls General would never allow my children to suffer such an awful fate.” With laughter rattling through the walls, the three men relaxed and began to finalize their strategy.

Bane, fully clad in his battle attire would put any Hollywood hero to shame. There he stood with his perfect warrior body, dressed in a blue uniform that would make a Ninja proud. Normally the warriors did not advertise their association with the Souls Warriors; for this battle, the Souls General required this soldier to show his presence. On his chest was printed a silhouette of an avenging angel. All evil is familiar with the symbol of the avenging angel, and to see it upon a warrior’s chest, strikes fear into even the meanest of Hell’s servants. Strapped over his shoulder was a sword of such power that it has been allowed to be removed from the Souls General’s arsenal only five times before. This weapon extends and focuses a warrior’s energy allowing him to do great damage to his enemies. Bane looked forward to wielding the perfect weapon during his fight this day. The Souls General instructed Bane that this would be the only weapon that he would carry into this battle. Big John was the ideal mercenary; a giant of men with an arsenal of weapons strapped to his body. He planned to make a lot of noise today; there was no doubt about that. Walk, wore only loose fitting slacks, a colorful tie-dyed T-shirt, a leather head band with the emblem of his favorite beer imprinted on it, and extremely gaudy wrist and ankle bracelets; he told his fellow warriors to trust him for he had everything well figured out and all they need is stick to his plan.

Bubacraphead had grown tired of waiting to exterminate the menacing warriors who wanted his head on a platter. “I just don’t understand why these worthless human pieces of crap are so hard to kill. My servants have searched nonstop for the warriors and for Bane’s family and there is no indication of them anywhere. Are they that good or are my servants in need of motivation? Perhaps I should kill and cook a few of my lesser slaves for inspiration; so be it”, decided Bubacraphead. He telepathically commanded Withal to do this task and she rounded up four servants and had them stand at Bubacraphead’s side. They knew not why they were summoned, but obeyed without question. “Climb onto my lap” he commanded the servant closest to him. She obeyed with a look of pleasure in her eyes. “Oh most revolting master, it is my honor to service your needs; this is a great delight for me.” Bubacraphead gently placed his hideous hand on the side of her head in order to softly stroke her hair. He then placed his other had around her waist as if to begin undressing her. “My evil servant, you have been chosen for a great purpose. Your service to me today will be the height of your career. As for the other three of you worthless servants, after I am finished, I want you to spread word of today’s lesson of your King’s state of mind.” With those words, spoken aloud for all to hear, Bubacraphead in one swift motion ripped off the head of the unfortunate servant. He aimed the stream of fresh blood at the other three and commanded them, “now find those Souls Warriors or become my next meal!” They fled and did as he ordered. Little did Bubacraphead realize that his wish was well on the way to being fulfilled.

The three hero warriors appeared within a mile of Bubacraphead’s lair. In an empty storage building, that has not felt human life on its floor in over a decade; they began their strategy. They could not simply appear on their foe’s doorsteps; Bubacraphead’s servants would overpower them in an instant. Big John took the lead and started walking down the road towards their target. With his weapons readied, he slowly advanced forward, prepared for the onslaught of violence that awaited him. As one of Bubacraphead’s servants noticed him, he waited to be challenged by her before showing his intent. “In the name of the Souls General I have come for the head of Bubacraphead,” he shouted. He gave her about thirty seconds to telepathically relay his presence then he blew off her head.

“Servants! Where are my servants? Now! They are here, on their way to me. They advance towards my thrown. They are on their way and they are in the open, on the street. Go and get them and hold nothing back. Call in all my wicked servants from all part of the city and have them converge on the warriors that have decided to die on the road. They are so bold to think they can walk up to me and kill me. Send them everything we have. Make them dead.” commanded Bubacraphead both verbally and telepathically. “Withal, now is your time to serve me. You and your team of twenty assume your positions. We will take no chances with Walk and his losers. Bring me a Coke to enjoy, while I view the end of the Souls General’s sorry excuse for warriors.”

Big John turned on music that he managed to find room to strap to his body, somewhere among his many weapons. This time he showed his true age; blasting from his player was a Celtic fighting song that he took a fancy to several hundred years ago. He referred to it has his farewell song, farewell to his enemies or farewell to this life. Before this day ended, and his music stopped, one or the other would not be around anymore.

Bane and Walk could hear Big John’s music, constantly interrupted by weapons fire. “Big John sure does put on a good show, doesn’t he?” proudly expressed Bane. “Big John has the greatest ability with modern weapons of any warrior I know. He never marries and always is given the strongest body of any of us. It is as if he is destined to serve as our ‘atomic bomb’ when we do major battles. Even though his fighting skills are second to no one, he seems to enjoy his arsenal of modern toys. He will slowly walk towards Bubacraphead, non-stop, while laying waste to the enemy. This useful distraction will allow us to transport to the bastard’s hideout and do our duty.” Walk, with those final words, indicates to Bane that it is time. Bane smiled in agreement and they vanished from their momentary hiding place to begin their part of the task.

Walk appeared to the left side of this “King of Crap” while Bane appeared to the right side. They were far enough away to allow them a good fighting position without being seen, for when Bubacraphead becomes aware of their presence; he will communicate to his personal guards, which will begin the end. Walk strolls to the center of the room and shouts, “Hey Buba crap face, it is me, your old friend Walk. It is time for you to go to sleep you disgusting piece of trash.” Withal jumped into action and fired over a hundred rounds from her weapon in Walk’s direction. Now Bane could see the reason for Walk’s choice of attire. Walk, with the grace of a ballet dancer, dodge or blocked with his bracelets, every bullet. He then jumped towards Withal in order to remove her head, when ten more of the evil servant guards surrounded him. Walk was now quite busy with these foes so Bane made his presence know. He jumped over the action and landed at Bubacraphead’s feet. “Hey stinky, nice to meet you”

Fear was not something that would normally be seen in this evil one’s eyes, but it was there now. None of the guards could get pass Walk. He continued to kill guard after guard, keeping them away from Bane. It was all up to Bane now, he was the avenging angel sent from above and Bubacraphead knew it. Bane suddenly felt a sting in his right leg. Withal had slipped from the fight with Walk and managed stab him in the leg. Bane quickly grabbed her and broke her neck; that was all the time Bubacraphead needed. Before Bane could return to focus on his enemy, he found himself flying across the room from a blow to the head, while his sword stayed at the feet of evil. “Nice butter knife. I will use this to spread your insides on some bread for my victory meal” harassed Bubacraphead. Walk could see that there was trouble brewing and that his plan was now finished; only quick thinking could capture victory. “We do not have time for these games Bane. This is not the time for amateur hour. Get your parts focused on Mr. Big Crap and find the time to split him in half.” shouted Walk. Bane appears to understand his friend’s words. He bounces back to his feet and joins with Walk in killing all the guards they can. Bubacraphead cannot reach the sword, so as long as they can keep the guards away from it then it will stay out of his hands. The guards continue pouring into the warehouse, the heroes have dropped so many guards that they have to step on the bodies of the dead ones while they fight the new ones.

Bane knows he cannot get close enough to his foe to grab the sword without having his head ripped off. He fights his way to the edge of the action and waits for a signal from Walk. “Is a good thing that Walt has that young body, his old one would have been long gone by now.” thinks Bane. Walk makes eye contact with Bane, then winks and smiles at him. He was waiting for this signal. He continues fighting on the edge of the battle while Walk steps up his attack. Suddenly Banes right arm disappears, and then reappears with the sword. “How is that possible?” shouts Bubacraphead in a fearful voice. “You will have this sword soon enough. The Souls General seems to think it would make a nice ‘parting’ gift for you,” replies Bane. “You can not kill what you can not get to, toy solider. I am who I am for a good reason, because I always get the job done. Now look by my side and tell me what you see.” ordered Bubacraphead. Scurrying along the back of his thrown were more evil guards, and this time they had someone with them that they were dragging along the floor to their king. Bubacraphead pulled the hooded figure up into his lap and removed the hood to revile his prize. Bane froze in horror at the sight of his mother in the lap of his enemy. Buba ordered his guards to his side and the two warriors now watched and waited.

“She’s a little old for my taste, but for you, my friends, I will use her anyway. How will you save your mother, who has only one life in this world, then kill me and save this world? You have your precious sword and I have your precious mother. Perhaps you should leave and try again in a few years,” gloated their enemy. “I predict that half of your grotesque body will fall to the right and the other half will fall to the left. I also predict that Banes mother will soon awake in her home with no injuries or any memories of you. I will burn this building down to the ground and not one of your evil servants will survive. I also regrettably predict that it will take a month of baths to wash your stink from my body,” responds Walk with a big smile upon his face. “I don’t think so, you ignorant weaklings. I will dispense with this waste of time and end your miserable mother’s life then consume her while you watch.” shouts Bubacraphead as he raises her over his head and prepares to rip her in half. He begins a countdown, just for fun,” ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five”. Suddenly the whole room shakes as if an earthquake has taken place. Bubacraphead becomes silent as a bright blue light passes from the center of his head all the way to the bottom of his seat and into the floor. Bane’s mothers begins to fall has the nasty giants body splits in two, along with his seat. Walk smiles, has he sees that Bane is no longer by his side. Down from the ceiling, like an angel from heaven, swooping in on a rope, Big John snatches Bane’s mom. He lands with her safely in his arms, by Walks side. As the two halves of evil fall to the floor, behind the stinking mess kneels Bane, a perfect warrior having just ending the reign of this great evil; with his sword buried in the floor up to the hilt. “Hey guys, how do I get this thing out of the ground? Come on now this isn’t funny. The Souls General will kill me if I mess up his favorite weapon. I need some help here guys.”

The instant Bubacraphead was killed, all his evil servants turn to piles of dust and now only moved with the wind’s desire. The Souls General appeared at the seen to retrieve the sword and congratulate his warriors. “Good job guys; later” and he was gone.

Walk, summing up this battle, remarks,” I am glad that you were able to use your time shift to get position behind Bubacraphead. You are quite a gifted warrior. He had no clue that when the shift caught up with you that he would be dead. How long did you have to wait behind him?” Bane answers Walk with, ”I’m not exactly sure. I shifted during your predictions to him of his demise. During my wait, I saw him split my mother in half and his servants killed you. This was done on his count of two. I appeared behind him; I intended to slice him on his count of three, but when the room shook, I slipped and accidentally sliced all the way to the floor.” With those final comments, the three warriors and Banes mom left the building. Big John burned it down to the ground and the saga of Bubacraphead was over.

Chapter 7

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