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Souls Warrior


Michael Faircloth

Chapter 5

Partying With Bubacraphead

Bubacraphead sat in his chair and fed on a try full of hamburgers that one of his servants had just returned with, obeying every order given by her wicked master. “Where’s my Coke you worthless winch. How do you expect me to eat this snack without my Coke? Get my Coke now or I will use you for toilet paper before I kill you. Go, you have two minutes!” In her mind, Withal, Bubacraphead’s number one evil servant heard every word and could feel every emotion that he wanted her to feel. She replied saying; “I’m sorry master I will get your Coke.” She returned with several two-liter Cokes and proceeded to serve as he ate. “If you weren’t so reliable, I would have killed you a long time ago. At least you are good for something. When I am done, tell me what you have found out about Walk and what is left of his worthless little team. I cannot wait to take those reject seeds from the Souls General and peel the skin from their bodies and cook it up for lunch. You have all my servants looking out for them I hope. You know that if they can get too close to me that they might get lucky and kill me. That is one thing that we do not want to let happen, even if all my servants must die. This new fighter Bane really worries me. I do not know what Walk did to him, but he has some moves that make me nervous. Make sure you kill him quickly and keep trying to find his family. I bet that Sang is hiding them. I hate that man. No one has ever eluded me as he has and one day I will get that waste of flesh. Now, tell me what you know!”

Withal, gave Bubacraphead her report, “As you know, yesterday we isolated and killed two of Walks people. We were able to trick them and get them alone and they didn’t stand a chance. It was so much fun; it is too bad that your fat self couldn’t join us, my most disgusting Master. Killing the Souls General’s warriors is the most rewarding thing I’ve done yet. I’m sure that before the day is out that there will be more dead warriors for dinner, my master.” Bubacraphead, with his seldom-used voice spoke “I know what is done! I want to know what is going to be done! I don’t need a history lesson you worthless winch, now spit it out!” Bubacraphead was shaking and wheezing and he made the whole room vibrate with his movement. He has no patience for evading the truth. A little less cocky now, Withal began her timid response,” Master, forgive this worthless servant’s ranting. Walk, Bane, and Big John went into hiding after we got his friends. We can’t find out anything about their plans. There are only three of them left, not counting Sang, and your servants are watching out for them. Are you sure that you don’t want to go into hiding, my master? “ “I hide from no one, especially not those rejects from that interfering Soul’s General. You and your sister servants will fight to the death to defend me. Walk knows that I have been here for many years and will not leave for any reason. They have an easy target and that should make them relax enough for my servants to trick them and kill them. When you get the chance, kill them quickly. Don’t be playing any of your torture games.” warned Bubacraphead.

Bubacraphead has lived in the same deserted warehouse for the last ten years. No one lives in his territory for very long, unless he has a use for them. He has his servants all over the city causing problems whenever they can. They are responsible for most bad things that happen there. Last week, a school bus with over thirty kids on it crashed into a building killing over half of them. His evil servants cut the break lines and then intentionally ran them off the road. Several of the children were never found. They more than likely became Bubacraphead’s dinner.

He owns a club on the other side of the city, where his servants make some of the strongest drugs in the country; there he gives them away for free. The Party for Life Club is open twenty-four hours a day and is never empty. The police never bother the club, Bubacraphead sees to that. Bubacraphead often likes a sweet young thing to satisfy his deviant and eternal appetite. Many young men and women have died that way. In a big city, no one ever seems to miss a few people that never make it home. This is where the Souls Warriors begin their search for Bubacraphead.

Walk, Bane and Big John appear behind the club, out of view of anybody. Bane asks, “Walk, your body is not old enough to go into a club. How will you get in?” Walk laughingly responds to Bane’s concerns, “If this is one of Bubacraphead’s clubs, I’ll have a lot better chance of getting in than you will. Besides, if all else fails, I’ll just zap myself in and hope I don’t land on anyone.” With the worries laid to rest, the three friends went around to the entrance. “Why should I let you in?” asked the door attendant. “Because I have an extra hundred dollar bill in my hand,” said Walk. The door attendant smiled, took the money and welcomed the three men to the club.

Walk, having just recently become aware of his warrior status in his Bailey body, mentions to his friends the fact that he has not had a women companion in quite a few years. “The body may be fresh, but the soul’s been around a lot and sure would like some quick fun, if time permits.” Big John and Bane laughs at the thought of Walk’s new body trying to pick up girls. Out of nowhere, three blond hair, blue eye beauties begin asking the guys if they want to have some fun. Bane speaks up,” We haven’t got time for this, besides I have the only girl I ever want and she isn’t here.” Walk, with the same look that his old body would give Bane when he was preparing to battle, begins talking, “Bane, what your girl doesn’t know wont hurt her. These ladies are going to teach you a very important lesson tonight. Trust your old master.” Bane concedes and readies himself for battle, not knowing what the girls have to do with anything. He does trust Walk’s ways, even if he does not quite understand them.

The girls lead the warriors down a long hallway to the back of the club. There are enough rooms in the back to start a hotel. This club wants to make sure that its customers have plenty of room to do anything that they want to do. Each girl grabs a warrior’s hand and heads to separate rooms. Walk quickly begins talking; “Now ladies, me and my friends do every thing together. One room is all that we need for tonight’s party. I promise you ladies that you will not be disappointed when you see what we have in store for you.” The shortest of the three responded, “We usually don’t do things this way. Since you guys seem to be a little freakish anyway, I suppose that we can do a little group partying tonight. If we take you one at a time or all at once, we still get what we want. Let’s take that nice big room all the way on the left. There’s no bed but the floor is really soft and the room is practically sound proof. “

Once in the room, the three girls quickly removed their clothes. Bane was embarrassed to look at them, so he turned away. He sure would be glad when Walk reveled his plan to him. Big John and Walk both stroll over to the girls and began touching their bodies, which made Bane even more worried. Then suddenly, they grabbed the girls just below the ears and with a quick snap broke their necks. As the two girls dropped to the floor dead, they grabbed the third girl and shoved some clothing into her mouth then tied her up. Bane, in total disbelief begins to shout, “What in the name of the Soul’s General have you done? I hope this isn’t your idea of a good time.” Walk and Big John turned and looked at each other and began laughing. Walk, now laughing harder than ever, “Bane, remember your secret training. Have you forgotten everything that I have taught you? Do not ever let the beautiful body of a horny girl stop your mind from working. Yes, they have beautiful and firm breast and awesome rear ends, but look closer, look into their soul and tell me what you see. That just happened to be the first breast that this Bailey body has touched, and it liked it quite a lot.” Big John adds, “Yes, it’s easy to tell. Looks like your Bailey body still wants some fun.” That is when Walk noticed that he had become slightly aroused. Now it was his time to be embarrassed.

Bane concentrated on the three women and he started to see them change. Their beautiful bodies were just an illusion. When he looked with his soul and not his eyes, what he saw was three hideous females. Of course, two are dead and one is still alive. “You guys knew all along that those women were Bubacraphead’s evil servants. I guess that this is the good lesson that I’m suppose to learn. What will we do with the living one?” Walk dragged the two dead servants over to the corner of the room and covered them with an old blanket that was on the floor. He grabbed the only chair that was in the room, an old kitchen chair, and sat it beside the dead servants. He then grabbed the remaining servant, threw her in the chair, and tied her legs to the chair legs, and keep her arms tied behind her. Walk, acting as though he’s done this a hundred times before begins his lecture,” Now, Bane my friend, to see without trusting your eyes is one of your very first lessons. You cannot look away just because you think that what you will see is wrong. That will get you killed very quickly. If you had taking any of these evil creatures sexually, they would have ripped out your throat with their mouths. I have seen many of their victims and it is not pretty. That is lesson number one. Lesson number two is never let more than one, of a group, live. That is why we killed the extra servants. One servant is easy to defeat but when they work together, it hard to keep up with them. Now for lesson number three, the art of interrogation.

Walk pulled the clothing out of the servant’s mouth. “Who are we? Were you looking for us or were you just shopping for Bubacraphead?” ask Walk. It responds, “What makes you think that I will answer any of your worthless questions. You will not get pass that door before we stop you. You will die tonight. The Souls Warriors will be shut down again and my master will spread his evil love to the rest of the world. We’ll no longer be trapped in this city of losers and sluts. After we kill you, my master will leave that old warehouse and find a new city where we will grow bigger and bigger. You will not get any information from me. I was created from darkness by my master to serve only him. I will never betray him. When we find Bane’s family they will die too. Bubacraphead is the only one who can make me talk. I don’t care what you torture me with I will tell you nothing. We have over two hundred servants looking for you and another twenty at the warehouse to protect our master. Go ahead and kill me because you’ll get nothing from me.” Walk snaps her neck and turns to Bane and begins, “Bubacraphead’s evil servants tend to be a little on the stupid side and just can’t keep their mouth shut. After you get your information, kill them quickly. Take no chances with them.

“It sure would be nice to get a real girl tonight. It’s been a while guys.” jokes Walk. Bane adds, “A dirty old man in a teenager’s body; that’s just what we need. I suppose I’ll let you start calling me Uncle Bane.” Big John finishes with, “I’ll be Uncle John and we can go and catch a football game together. I’m sure that I can find some young girls to fix you up with.” Walk, having enough and quickly losing his sense of humor, “I’m older than anything you know. Do not think for a moment that I cannot get a lass, even with this young Bailey body. I prefer my women in their late twenty’s. I do not need any help. Now let us get back to business. Follow me back to the safe house, and do not use the door, please.

They appeared in the safe house, grabbed some food, and started planning their attack on Bubacraphead. They would stay in the safe house for tonight and attack at sunrise. Walk had told Bane earlier that he wanted to go over more of his special training, to be on the safe side. They ate like pigs and went light on the beer this time. They did have a hard day ahead of them and would need every advantage they could get.

Bane and Walk put on a little music to help them focus on their training. It seems that Walks taste in music is from his current body. Bane was glad that Areosmith is still around. “Now Bane, I know that you can move your whole body from one place to another. What you will do now is to move only a part of your body, while leaving the rest of it in your current location.” “Wont that kill me?” ask Bane. Walk, with a most serious look in his eyes, answered,” If you break your concentration for even a second, your body parts will separate and be lost to each other. It is your soul’s energy that keeps your body functioning. As long as you keep focused, your head can be in California, your body can be in Virginia, and you will have all your senses connected. If you loose your concentration, I will see you in thirteen years. Let us start with a little of your hair. Try and send some of your hair to your home.”

Bane focused, as he has always been trained to do, and like magic, part of his hair vanished. “I can feel the breeze on my hair. This is easy.” At that moment, Bane lost his focus and lost part of his hair. “Now, go to your home and bring back your hair,” ordered Walk. Bane complied and retrieved what he could find of his hair. Bane, with a much more serious attitude, makes his own conclusions, “Thank you my friend for not letting me loose anything important. I understand this lesson and will master it shortly.” Walk responded with, “Come and get me when you’re ready for the next lesson.” Bane proceeded to practice until he was able to make any part, or parts change locations. It was now a reflex action for him and would cause him no harm.

The next lesson begins. “Bane, I told you when you first became a Soul’s Warrior that in some cases you would be exempt from the rules of time. This is going to be a hard one to grasp. We have the ability step back in time for a few seconds. The problem is that there is usually not enough time to regain your awareness before you are back at the present. The most I have ever traveled back is twenty seconds. I have only done this in practice with friends. It would take me up to thirty seconds to regain my awareness and become useful. You may have a better chance. The Souls General himself chose you for this fight. Let us see if this is one of your gifts.” Setting on the couch, and this time listening to “Neil Diamond”, Walk begins his lesson,” Bane, first set your watch exactly with the clock on the wall. Do this every time you travel. Focus all your energy and picture it as a shield, which is about a foot in front of you. The stronger this shield is, the longer you will travel. Keep in mind that in combat you do not have a lot of time. You will take the shield that is floating in front of you and pull it towards your body. Pull as hard as you can and slam it to your body and this will force you back in time. You should understand that it is your pure power and force of impact that will cause the time shift. I’m going to have another beer, just one, and I want you to come and get me when you are done.”

Bane set his watch and began to form his energy shield. The energy shield is something that he has always been good at creating. He often would use the body shield to demonstrate to students when he was teaching about Chi. He would have students hit him with steel pipes and baseball bats while he defended only with his energy shield. It was quite impressive, he recalls. Moving the shield is something that he had never considered. This would be his challenge. If he wanted to get back to his family, he would need to do it quickly and do it well.

Bane formed his shield and he made it only half as strong as he would normally make it. He did not see any need to get hurt too badly the first time trying this new technique. Instead of going for the big slam, he decided to practice moving the shield away from him the back to the starting position. He did this for over an hour. He got so good at it that he could send his shield well over twenty feet in front of him. He was even able to rotate the shield completely around himself without loosing any strength. He then stretched out his shield and completely covered his body from top to bottom. This was all so easy for him. He then was projecting a new shield in front of him while being surrounded by his first shield. He knew that he was now ready to travel back. He took his second shield and made it stronger than before, and set it ten feet in front of him. He then pulled towards him has hard as he could, while maintaining his first shield that was protecting his body, He slammed with such a force that his body was shaking uncontrollably. He sat there in amazement. Nothing happened. He did not feel anything at all. He failed.

Walk and Big John sat down by Bane with big smiles on their faces. “Take a look at your watch my friend and tell me what has happened.” ordered Walk. Bane looked at his watch and could not believe what he saw. The clock on the wall was two minutes slower that his watch. Walt continued, “I’ve been watching your use of multiple shields. You came up with the perfect solution to how to absorb the shock and disorientation that comes from your own shield slamming your body. You are truly gifted my friend. You left us over two minutes ago.” They discussed other uses of multiple shields for a few minutes when the whole room shook and Walk’s beer bottle broke. Walk started laughing; “this must be when you first left us. You will be the only one who knows when you have traveled until you reach the point that you left. Remember that and use it.” Bane spent the next few hours traveling back in time and the room never stopped shaking. Another skill easily mastered by the gifted Bane. Now, time for a brief nap, for soon the end of Bubacraphead will chill the evil that desires to unbalance this world.

Chapter 6

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