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Souls Warrior


Michael Faircloth

Chapter 2

A Generally Good Day

Back at his school, Bane hits the showers and gets ready for a new night of classes.” Always start off fresh and end with a good stink,” he thought. This just happens to be the one night of the month that is set aside for special training of his most skilled students and friends. Bane always looked forward to this night. He did not have to go over any basics or arrange the class to meet the different needs of the different level students. Nope, not tonight; only the best of the best at this class. Anyone of them could take out a hundred men single handily. No basics tonight, just pure art.

The first to arrive was Deputy Hunter. He likes to be called, “Hunter”. He is an average size man with a slim build and bright red hair. I’ve tried, many times to give him various red headed nicknames, but he always wants to go with “Hunter”. Bane had only trained Hunter for four years, but Hunter had been training elsewhere since he was thirteen. He was impressive and Bane often wondered why he never competed in any martial arts tournaments. He never did push the subject on Hunter. Bane always tried to respect other people’s decisions, even if he didn’t understand them. Hunter and his master starting setting up for tonight’s fun.

With a voice like thunder, “hello my friend, let the games begin” roared across the room. It might be an exaggeration, but Bane was almost certain that the mirrors almost vibrated off the walls. That deep, loud voice has only one owner and that man is Big John. Big John is over six feet tall and has more muscles than any man that Bane has ever met. Big John is so strong that, if not for his own special skills, Bane knows he would have been hurt many times over by his giant of a friend. “Glad that he’s on my side” is the thought that passes through Bane’s mind as he greets his big friend. “I hope you’re ready for some fun my friend” is Bane’s greeting. “You have no idea, my friend,” replies Big John, with a loud laugh.

“That’s two down and three to go “mentions Bane. “ I wonder what’s keeping the ladies,” ask Hunter. Almost as if they were waiting for an introduction, walk in Catherine and Angel. They always seem to be together. Bane cannot remember a time when he has seen them apart. “Hi Bane” calls Catherine and “greetings sir” from Angel, to start their night of what is sure to be a lot of fun.

Angel is an odd sort of woman. She stands five feet eight inches tall and is as beautiful as any woman that Bane has ever seen. Blond hair and blue eyes and the body of a goddess; she seems a few hundred years out of her time. She is always so proper and never speaks with out using well-timed and well-planned words. Never a word wasted with this woman. “I would not want to engage in a war of words with her, I wouldn’t last long,” he thinks as he turns to greet the ladies.

“Hello Angel, I hope that we will have a most useful class tonight” greets Bane. “This will truly be a night that you will never erase from your mind, dear sir,” replies Angel. He turns to Catherine and greets her “hey Catherine, are you ready for a good workout tonight”. She replies with “I’m sure that before the night is over that I’ll be knocking you on your butt again, just like always.” “I certainly hope so” answer’s Bane with a big smile on his face.

Catherine is a little over five feet tall and is quite beautiful, when she wants to be. She has long brown hair big beautiful brown eyes and a smile that would tame any beast. Do not be fooled by her size or her sweet nature. Bane has often wondered how she can so easily knock him off his feet, when no one else can. She is as tough that any fighter he has ever met, and he has been through many strong fighters. He considers Catherine to be one of the best fighters he has ever seen, not to mention the prettiest. Any day that he can go a few rounds with Catherine is a good day.

“Just one more student and the fun can begin,” comments Bane. “Has anyone heard from the old man?” jokes Hunter. Bane starts to wonder about the old man. Sang is his name and total destruction is his game. “How an eighty year old man can cause so much damage and I’ve yet to be able to see any of his moves, is beyond me. He always tells me that an old man should fight more with his mind and less with his body. I must admit, what ever it is that he uses; it works. “

It has been only four years, since Bane started his special, best of the best, super advanced class. The six of them have grown very close in their short time together. Bane considers his friends part of a close family. In addition to the special monthly training classes, they have embarked on quite a few interesting adventures. Bane often wonders why they have grown so close in such a short time together. Master Walks would probably say something like “If you move forward in the direction life is sending you, you will meet the people you need and the people you meet will need you.” “Let me throw that one at Angel and see what she throws back at me. Never mind, I don’t think I want a tongue thrashing again from Angel, the last one is still stinging.” thinks Bane.

“Finally, the old man has arrived. He is certainly the most loved of our small group. Just look at how everyone goes out of their way to greet him. That’s rather impressive, and I suppose, so is he”. Bane rushes to the door to meet their friend, accidentally bumping into Catherine along the way; he seems to do that a lot. “I’m sorry Catherine” he apologizes as he continues to make his way to the door. She replies,” at least you’re still standing, for the moment”. Bane, with a slight blush, Greets Sang, “hello Sang, I’m so pleased that you could make it tonight.” Sang begins to speak than stops and motions for everyone to look outside the building. “Who is that? Ask Bane.” It was as if someone had shouted a secret command; everyone except Bane is knelling down with their heads bowed. "What’s going on here? All I see is a small man in a suit and black shinny shoes. Why is everyone bowing?” wonders Bane.

The small man in the suit enters the room and commands all to rise, and they complied. In a voice so soft, Bane could just barley hear, the small man spoke, “It is a pleasure to meet the newest of my warriors. I have been following your training and I am pleased with Walk’s work. You will be battling at a level not seen on this planet before. You and your team, who surrounds you in this room, will soon begin your duties.” The General, without another word, walked to Bane and placed his hand on Bane’s chest and then he vanished.

When Bane awoke, very disoriented and extremely sore, he was surrounded, by his five friends, in a place that was like nothing he had ever seen. There were walls, but there was no need for walls. Light was there, but it did not come from anywhere. There was no noise but he could hear everything. He thought that maybe he was dead. Catherine sat down by his side, took his hand, and began to explain. “My dear sweet Bane, you have begun your purpose for being in this world. You have been joined with the five of us for a most serious task. You are of Walk’s bloodline, the best warrior line to have ever been created, and I am afraid that what we do from this day forward will determine the fate of this wonderful world and all of these wonderful people who live here. The five of us have been battling the wicked things of this world for many thousands of years and now you will join with us and help to keep evil in check. I know you do not understand why you are the one that we need so very much, but go back to sleep and in a few days you will begin to understand. You must let the transformation be completed. We will stand guard until then.” With those words from Bane’s brown eye beauty, she kissed his forehead and he went back to sleep.

In his mind, Bane knew that he was lying in a strange place, and for some reason he had to be guarded. His body seemed to be totally useless and was starting to feel separated from his mind. “What is this transformation that Catherine talked about and why must I endure this torture? So many strange thoughts are filling my mind. It is as if the thoughts of thousands of other people are becoming part of my memory. I hope when this is over that I will still know who I am.” Bane could only wait until whatever was changing inside of him was finished. He lost all concept of time and knew nothing of his location, but Catherine had told him that he would understand and that was good enough for him.

Three days passed before Bane’s transformation was complete. He awoke to what seem to be a completely new world. Never had he felt so strong. He knew that it had been days since he had eaten, but there was no hunger. His mind was so clear that not a thought was wasted. He had absolute control over his body and his mind. He knew things that he had no right to know. Unbelievable amounts of knowledge now placed inside of him. When he tried, he could even see the air bend around his words. He yelled,” Faster” and moved to meet his words on the other side of the room and snatched them out of the air before they could be heard. “This is totally impossible and yet I completely understand everything that is happening to me. Master Walk assured me that everything would be all right and not to worry. I should never doubt my old friend. This time I do mean old!”

Bane continued exploring the new skills bestowed upon him. He was moving, still within the room, from one corner to the next, on the ceiling, upside down, everywhere and every way he could imaging, and so fast that his friends gave up trying to follow him. Sang, no longer enjoying the show that Bane had been entertaining his friends with, spoke up, “Bane, come and sit with us so that we can talk about the changes that have taken place to you, these past few days. I’m sure that you have a million questions for us to answer.” Bane stopped, only for a moment to reply,” You are wrong my friend, I have a million answers and no time yet for questions. Let me enjoy my new abilities just a while longer.” He went back to his travels in the room.

Sang, being the wise person that he always is, decided to turn the matter over to a higher authority. He went over to where Catherine was sitting and whispered something into her ear. She smiled at Sang and nodded her head in agreement. She stood up and called for Bane to come and sit with her. With out a second of hesitation, Bane was standing beside her and they sat down so that he could listen to what she had to say. “Bane, we all know how exciting it is to first receive your new abilities. You feel like a kid with a new toy and you cannot stop playing with it. We all have been there, and understand. You must understand a few things that we need to explain to you so please relax and hear what we have to say. Your friends seem to think that if I do the talking that you will listen and not be distracted. I suppose they think that you are hot for me, or something like that. We’ll discuses that later.” Never had Bane’s friends seen a man blush so red. Not one word flowed from Bane’s mouth. He could not believe what Catherine had said. He immediately forgot about everything that he was going through and became worried that Catherine could see that he did indeed like her a little differently than his other friends. “Joking aside, what must we talk about?” Bane blurted out, to try to hide his embarrassment.

Catherine began,” The reason we have been guarding you while you go through your transformation, is the first subject. During your transformation, your soul has merged, for a few moments, with every Souls Warrior ever created, with the exception of your teammates, present and future. The transformation is a one-time deal and you will never have the chance to merge with us, this is the way it has always been, and it cannot be changed. We know most of what you know and you know most of what we know, but we will never know what each other’s individual soul knows. This is very important in battle, as you will soon understand. While you were in the merging state, our enemies could have easily destroyed you. They knew of your entering into the war, but they did not know who you were until the Souls General gave you the gift of his touch. At that instance, all warriors, good and evil felt who you are. At any time during the transformation, they could have destroyed you. We have been hiding this room’s location with our energy so that you could not be found. Had they found your location, we would all have been killed. We learned this when hunter was transformed. We lost considerable ground that day. They wasted no time in killing us. It was thirteen years before we were able to start to reassemble our team again. Granted, that was over a thousand years ago, but we are always learning new things about the evil that we battle and they are always coming up with new tricks.”

Catherine seems to have Bane’s total attention now, as she continues, “The answer to your next question is yes. Yes, a team stays together until they are ready to leave the war, for whatever reasons they have. That is always a personal decision and will never be questioned. The Souls Warriors see a lot of horrible things and sometimes it can get to the toughest of us. Never forget that no matter who or when you are, you are still a human, with all the attachments and the love and the pain that any life has. You will love many people and you will loose all of them eventually. It will hurt and you will continue to fight the battle so that at least their soul’s can rest in peace and be protected from the evil that is in this world.”

“This team, which we are all now part of, will continually change with time. You must remember that after our current body dies, there is a thirteen-year wait before we resurface and make ourselves know to the active team. Then it can be many more years, in addition, if we have current family responsibilities to complete. At any time, you may meet a new member of your team. They will pick up exactly where they left off. If there was unfinished business with the bad guys, they move to first place on the hit list. You can no longer see life as a one time deal, you will now learn the truth about why the world is the way it is and why it is up to us to keep it that way.” Explains Catherine, and then she looks Bane straight in the eyes and grabs his hand.

“Bane, for the rest of my explanation lets move to another room.” With those words, Catherine and Bane vanished from the rest of the team and reappeared in a much larger room, with brightly colored walls and the softest floor he had ever stood on. Just like the room before, this room was just as mysterious and, at the same time, it almost seemed romantic. “Why in the world have you brought me here? If I didn’t know better, I might think that you were about to get a little wild with me.” Catherine still not saying a word, begins to undress. Slowly she took off every last piece of clothing that covered her more than perfect body. Bane, in total disbelief, spoke” Catherine, I don’t understand. I know that we get along pretty well. I never figured that this would be happening. I definitely have a few fantasies about this, and they don’t even come close to what’s happening now. I have to ask. Why, and why me?”

Catherine, finally speaking, gave Bane the sweetest smile that a woman has ever given a man, “I have been waiting to hold you in my arms since I first saw you four years ago. I have wanted you more than I have ever wanted anyone in all of my many lives. Hold me now, and never stop. I desire you and I can no longer wait. At this point, I am not beyond taking you by force. So, grab me, hold me, kiss me and do it now!” Bane spent the next several hours holding her. No more words were spoken, nor were they needed. Never had Bane felt anything so wonderful with anyone so special, in his entire short life. Out of everything that has happened to Bane in the past few days this moment is the most amazing that he has ever had or will ever have. The love he had hoped for was already there.

“Catherine, why now and why me? You shared with me a love that I have only been able to dream about. How can we fight together now that we are lovers?” are the first words spoken from Bane’s lips since they first held each other. Catherine, smiling and staring up at the ceiling, begins to give Bane his next big surprise, “You know that as a Souls Warrior you are permitted to have lovers but you are only allowed to have children when permitted by the Souls General. Well, I have never given life to another in all of my many lives and never figured that I needed to do it. Then I met you. I knew instantly that we would marry and have several children together. The Souls General knew this, I am sure of it. He must have put you on my team for this purpose. Not only for this reason, but other reasons, that no longer matter to me, I will now withdraw from the battle, for the rest of this body’s life span, and become your wife and bare your children, who will greatly advance the Souls Warriors’ strength and abilities for the future. Today we have conceived the first of many children to come. The Souls General has permitted this to take place and the best thing of all is, since we are both Souls Warriors, we will be together forever and will always return as the same sex we are now, and will always marry each other. Sometimes I will battle and in other lives you will do the battling. We will bring many children into this world. Those who are born of us will forever be connected to us. There has never been children born from the union of two Souls Warriors and this begins a new chapter in our eternal battle with evil. I do not know why it is important that this happened with us, but I do know that the Souls General will guide us to where we need to be. This is why I will always be here with you. I consider it a reward to me, no matter what the real reason is. Now hold me and never stop.” Bane’s only response was with his body and not his words. They did not leave that room for the next two days.

Chapter 3

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