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Souls Warrior


Michael Faircloth

Chapter 3

The New Beginning

Bane and Catherine sat at the kitchen table with their family of three girls and four boys and one secretly on the way. This morning’s breakfast is every bit as wonderful as every single meal that Catherine has made for her family. Bane starts the morning’s conversation, “I do believe this is the best breakfast that I have ever had. I ‘m glad that you have always enjoyed cooking; a few thousand years of experience sure makes a difference. What do you and the children have planned for today, my love?” Catherine, still just as much in love with this wonderful man that she first fell in love with so many years ago, replied, “Well, honey, today seems like a good day to run every where and do everything and get absolutely nothing done. Kids, my love, we have lots of kids. Just wait until our next lives when I get to do the work and you get to raise the kids. “

Bane had returned from his last battle two weeks ago. He always loved coming home and seeing his precious family. He could only see his children as children and not as future warriors. He knew that sooner than he would want to face, they would leave and join the Souls Warriors to battle the bad guys. Catherine knew that this was the last child that would be born from this body. Soon their children’s training would begin and Bane would have to temporarily withdraw from the team. He has quickly become one of the strongest warriors to ever face our enemies. Walks bloodline was truly the best ever started by the Souls General. Now, the strongest warriors will come from the Bane bloodline and will be continuing forever.

“What do you have planed for today my dear?” ask Catherine. Bane, trying to be a good husband, responded,” anything that you need me to do my dear; I dedicate today to you. Anything that Catherine wants, today Catherine gets.” With that, Catherine was on the phone to Bane’s mom. She is a good grandma and the kids just love her, and she loves to come over to the house and watch them for Catherine whenever she needs her to. Bane’s mother has no idea what he is or what he does and neither do his kids. It is forbidden for regular humans to have this knowledge. Only the Souls General can make exceptions to this rule. “Good morning Grandma, how would you like to watch the kids for me today” Bane’s mother quickly answered,” Be right there honey. I’ve lots of new treats for my grand kids and I’m sure my ever-busy son must be home for a few days, so you kids take as long as you want. I’ll bring some extra clothes in case you want to take a few days away.” Catherine informed Bane to shave, shower and dress for tropical weather. Knowing his wife’s ways, Bane complied. He wasn’t sure what was going on, but he learned many years ago that she was the boss and she always knew what she was doing. After all, she does have a couple thousand years more experience than he has and she is always right. That is just one of the many things that he loves about her.

Bane and Catherine load up Bane’s Viper and head for the highway. Actually, they drive about fifty miles east of their home to a garage that Bane rents, and drop off the car. They hold hands and Catherine takes charge. She has been everywhere on this planet many times over. She darts them to a beautiful island, somewhere in the tropics. Bane never stops being amazed by this absolutely awesome woman that married him. They appear just a few hundred feet from the entrance to the Souls In Love resort. Catherine has already booked a two-day stay, so they check in, and then headed for the beach.

Catherine is only a few weeks pregnant and is just as sexy as the first time that Bane ever saw her. She hasn’t told Bane that their last child, and forth daughter has been conceived. Grandma knew every time that Catherine was pregnant. Every time, she would send them off for a few days. Catherine was sure that she knew this time too. Catherine often wondered if the Souls General had been in contact with her. She figured that it really didn’t matter that much, it was just so nice to get so much help and love from her.

She spoke to her lover, “Bane, we are the only two people standing in this sand. I want you to take off your clothes, slowly please, so that I can enjoy looking at your perfect body.” Catherine is the only girl to ever make Bane blush, and after all that they have done together, there he stood, naked and blushing redder than any man ever should. “Now, walk over to me, slowly, and begin to remove my clothes using only your mouth. That is the only way you will be able to start the next two days. Being the obedient husband and lover, he slowly walks over to his only love in the world and begins to bite the buttons off her blouse.

Many hours of each other’s company and no one around to distract them from their bliss; ready for her next surprise, Catherine took her lover’s hand and in an instant, they were standing in front of a very big mall. “Must be time to go shopping,” commented Bane. “We need formal wear for tonight’s dinner,” replied Catherine.

With the clothes purchased, Catherine landed them in front of a very elegant hotel. Everybody was speaking French, so dinner must be in Paris tonight. They checked into their already booked room and changed for dinner. Bane must have tried every thing on the menu. It was all so good, and his wife was so wonderful, that he did not know how life could get any better. Catherine spoke up after the desert was delivered to their table, “My dear, I have some wonderful news for you. Soon we will have one more baby girl in our home. I hope that this news is something that you want to hear. Bane, with a tear forming in his right eye smiled as he looks up at Catherine. “Will there ever be a day when I will not somehow be amazed by you. Seven children and you’re willing to give me another. If I was a just a fraction of the person that you are, I would be a thousand times better person than I am now. This is so wonderful and I hope we can have many more in the future.” With her big beautiful brown eyes locked to his, and a smile so beautiful that only an angel could own it, she spoke again, “This will be the last child that this body will create. We will have many more families in the future. After the birth of this child, you must return home so that we can begin to train our children in the fighting arts and prepare them for their future. First things first, let’s get to our room so that I can spend the rest of the night in your arms. You did tell me, before this trip started, that whatever I wanted I would get. My dear, all I want is you and I want you now!” Off they went to the room.
Sunrise in Paris and time for the runaway lovers to get back to the real world; Catherine takes them back to the car and they get their story straight for Grandma and the kids. After all, they can’t let them know the truth, at least not yet. They get home in time for dinner. Grandma has prepared roasted chicken and some kind of fancy rice dish for tonight’s meal. They ate and told their stories about their trip and got Grandma ready to go home. She was looking a little tired. She loved her grand kids, but they sure do give her a good workout. With her car loaded and good byes said, she starts to head home. A sudden stop, and a quick back-up of the car and Grandma yells out her window, “This one will be another beautiful girl. I have already started getting clothes for her. I’ll call you tomorrow.” Bane and Catherine just stare at each other in total amazement. “I just don’t know how she always knows.” sighs Bane.

Chapter 4

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