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Souls Warrior


Michael Faircloth

Chapter 1

Bane’s Beginning

John Bane, having just arrived home after spending two weeks in Spain, was checking his email when he open a letter from his master, and long time friend, Tom Walk. Walk was an eighty-three year old martial arts teacher from Korea, that had been training Bane since he was four. The email told Bane that it was his time to take over the battle of the souls. Bane thought that Master Walk might have been spending too much time at his favorite pub, Soul Finders. He would stop in the next morning and see his old friend.

“This is the worst storm that I’ve seen in a long time”, thought Bane. “I must see Master Walk and I can’t let a storm stand in my way.” Bane was not sure why, but something about Master Walks message keep bugging him. His balanced life was starting to become a little unstable. “Maybe Master Walk was getting sick or perhaps his mind was starting to go.” As Bane left his apartment and neared his blue Dodge Ram truck, a crack of lighting shot from the sky and hit an electrical pole, blasting the base of the pole causing it to tumble onto Bane’s beautiful truck, crushing in the drivers side of the cab. Bane had to move as quickly as possible to avoid the falling power lines. It was not until he was clear of the fallen power lines that he saw the damage to his truck. “That sucks,” he thought to himself. ”The insurance will take care of it, besides I was ready for something new. I want a new Dodge Ram with four-wheel drive. I want a black one this time, with the sports package, like one of my students has.”

Still worrying about Master Walk’s message, Bane called the police to take care of the mess and help to have his truck towed to the nearest shop, and then he called for a cab. After waiting in Deputy Hunter’s car for a few minutes, a cab from the Dark Side Cab Co. pulled up. “Thanks Hunter, see you tonight at class”, said Bane. Deputy Hunter has trained with Bane for four years and is considered one of his most skilled students. Deputy Hunter told Bane that he would be there but he might be a little late, then Bane was in the cab an on his way to the pub.

Bane was silent during his cab ride, still thinking about his new truck he was going to have to get. The storm started to let up as the cab pulled up to the pub. “We’re here,” shouted the driver. “That’ll be fifteen dollars and fifty cents and I don’t have any change” Bane handed over a twenty to the cab driver and sent him on his way. Bane walked up the steps to the pub only to find the doors locked. He decided to try the side entrance that he and Master Walk often left by. He reached for the knob and just as he grabbed it, the door flew open and a very short older and not very good smelling lady rush past him and down the alley screaming “you haven’t won, I’ll be back, I swear it, I’ll be back, you’ll see.”

“I hope that wasn’t Master Walk’s new girlfriend. If it was then maybe his mind is starting to go, and his eyes too.” Bane thought to himself as he entered thorough the door. “Master Walk, Master Walk, are you in here? Where are you my old friend and what’s going on with that odd lady that just flew out of here?” yelled Bane. A familiar voice came from a table in the back of the pub. It was Bane’s teacher and long time friend Master Walk.

“Why is my old friend sitting alone in a pub in the middle of the day and there’s not even anyone around to serve him? Surely you have better things to do than sit a dark corner alone and who was that crazy woman that almost ran me over?” asked Bane. Master Walk answered, “Bane, the son I almost had, get us a couple of long necks from the bar and come have a seat. We have much to speak about today and I promise you that after we’re done, your life will never be the same.”

Bane grabbed two beers, headed over to Master Walk’s table, than sat down. It has been almost six months since he had last seen his old friend. He stared at him wondering why he seemed so much older than before. It was as if he had aged twenty years in the past six months. In addition, that woman’s words were stilling ringing in his ears; “you haven’t won”. Could there be something going on here and why did his friend tell him that his life would never be the same. He was beginning to think that maybe today would have been a good day to stay in bed. He felt what was left of his balanced life slip out the door. Bane decided to get things moving, “Well, my friend, let’s change my life.”

Master Walk began the words that would reshape Bane’s life in a way that he could have never imagined. “I’m going to tell you a story about a group of fighters, which exist on this planet, who are beyond the ways of mere humans. I have shared almost every aspect of my life with you in the short twenty-three years that you have been in training under me. It is now time that you complete your training and I pass on to you the responsibility of ‘The Souls Warriors’. This flesh body that contains me is almost used up and will soon stop working. Thirteen years, from the day that this body dies, I will be able to resume my duties. “

“The day you hear that I have died, I will leave this body and enter the body of a newly born child. I do not know where or with whom I will be joined. On my thirteenth birthday, I will regain my awareness of who I am and will begin the training necessary to get my new body ready for battle. I know you must think that I am crazy, but hear every word that I tell you, for after tonight you will not see me until my new body is ready. The ’me’ that is here with you has existed for over nine thousand years. When I am fortunate enough to have trained a student such has you, I will pass on my commitment to the Souls Warriors and help to keep the balance on this planet. I picked you about two hundred years ago. I was a warrior in your bloodline back before there were cars or televisions. My name was Susan Garner and I married a man by the name of William Bane. He was a man of great Strength and very wise. Susan’s body was the best fighting machine that I ever had. I produce one son from which you eventually descend. With each new body, I would seek out your family, hoping to find a child to train for duty. They say that timing is every thing and your birth was at a good time, and I was still young enough to train a new warrior. I got permission to stop battling for enough years to train you. You have skills that few people can even imaging. The things that I taught you and made you vow to never use or teach, will now come in to play in your life. “

“I’m glad to see that you taking this well my friend.” Bane, wondering if his friend has gone off the deep end, began talking “Just how many beers have you had tonight? I admit that I have never seen any of our advance training used or even mentioned, but I just figured that all students keep it secret with their master. I’m suppose to believe that you walk from one body to another and that you fight demons in some supernatural army. I’m related to you, but from two hundred years ago. I love you like a father and without your influence and training; I probably would be working at a factory making Pepsi or something. This is heavy stuff.”

“It is time to begin,” said Master Walk before Bane could say another word Master Walk had vanished. “Hey my friend, where are you. If you come back I’ll buy you another beer,” shouted Bane. In an instance Master Walk was floating upside down, above the center of the table drinking a beer and not spilling a drop. “Your secret strengths will begin to awaken. The Souls General will endow you with the abilities to bypass distance, and even time in some cases. The physical laws of this world will not apply to you.”

Bane, still trying to wake up from this ever increasingly crazy dream, just sat there and stared at his friend, who was still floating upside down over the table. Bane asked, “If you have these powers why must you die?” Master Walk laughingly responded, “You will know soon enough, my friend. Remember that feeling you got when you first rode your bike with no help. You tasted balanced for the first time and it had a very satisfying taste. What you are about to receive is going to feel like flying the Space Shuttle to the planet Saturn, in comparison. The best way I can describe it is that your body is a vessel for your soul. Your soul does not need your body to exist but it does need a body to interact in this world. Your powers will free your body from this world’s physical laws but the life cycle of a body can never be changed. When the body is used up, you will replace it with another. You will have all your answers soon enough. You are soon to be the newest member of the Souls Warriors; be honored.”

Bane, still trying to digest everything, asked, “How often are new warriors added.” Master Walk replied, “As needed “. “Warriors do grow tired of battling, I may move on in a few thousand years, myself. Do not think that you are immortal, because your body will die just like anyone else’s. You will get hurt; you will feel everything you feel now. You must remember that you are battling in this world and you are using your body to do this. You will have many horrible deaths, but upon your new body’s awakening, you will continue your battle. “

“Does this mean that I don’t need life insurance anymore?” asked Bane. Master Walk, with a big smile on his face, reappeared back in his chair. “I know the blood that is in your veins. A new warrior must have a perfect body and mind, which is why when we awake in a superior body; we begin the family line to produce a new warrior. You will not mate with anyone, without permission, for the purpose of producing children; only for pleasure. You are only flesh and bones anyway. Your first body is the toughest. You will awake in many weak bodies, but you will overcome and continue the battle.”

“You will find that you already know many warriors and they will make themselves known to you when you are in need of this knowledge. Do not ever, from this day forward, let your guard down. You will be able to move from place to place in an instance, but a knife in the back, or a bite from a Black Mamba {a really bad snake} or falling asleep drunk on a rail road track, while a train is coming down the tracks, will kill you, and it hurts, and you will remember the pain. I have died many deaths and will die many more before I’m done,” warned Master Walk.

“I am now going back to my home land in Korea where this body’s relatives can bury it. I will not see you before thirteen years. When a body approaches you and ask if you got a good body this time, you will know it is your old friend. I look forward to our reunion. Your first meeting with the Souls General will be soon.” With those last words, his friend was gone.
Bane sipped on his beer as he sat in the empty pub. “That’s about the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. Is this real or what? I don’t think that I can sit here a wait for time to go backwards, so I must take a few steps and start moving forward.” With those words, Bane arose to his feet and headed for the door. He stepped out expecting to see the same bad weather that greeted him upon his arrival. The air was warm, the wind was gone and there were no clouds to be seen. It was like hell when he arrived, and now it is like heaven as he leaves. It so nice outside now, Bane decides to walk back to his school to get ready for tonight’s classes. He also needed the fresh air to clear his head and ponder his future, or futures, if his friend’s words were true. As he starts his walk, back to his lost reality, one of the wise sayings that Master Walk often used, popped into his mind. “It is a long walk home and will take many steps, one in front of the other. Always head forward, in the right direction, and your walk will take you there. If, upon your arrival home, things are not the way they should be, then it is time begin a new walk. ” For some reason, Bane felt that he was about to understand what those words really mean. Strangely, he had no fear of what was to be, but was looking forward to what the future would bring him. “One foot in front of the other and off to my new home!” He shouted and started running home. Walking just seemed too slow, now.

Chapter 2

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