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Middle Age Contentment


Mark Mitchell

As I reach middle age why is it so hard to be content?

Iíve mostly done what I wanted with my life

Who put the doubt in my mind, how was it sent?

My 43 years have seen very little strife

The mental security of my twenties and thirties, I obviously have lent

Twenty plus years of womanly comfort help, of course itís my wife

My life has been good, why question now how itís been spent

Is my lack of focus nothing more than my age?

I used to keep quiet, now all I do is vent

Each passing day, smaller gets lifeís cage

Everyone is quick to speak for me, no one knows what I meant

Iím ready for this life chapter to end, someone quick turn the page

Thinning, graying hair greets me in the mirror, where have the days went?

Iím an actor in lifeís play, alone on the stage

I ask my self again, ďIíve got everything, why am I not content?Ē

As Iíve reached midlife, I question every step Iíve ever taken

The pace of life speeds up, I fall closer to last place

Canít I keep up in todayís world? My confidence is shaken

Maybe if I look in the mirror, the real problem is staring me in the face

Could midlife be a new day, a time to freshly awaken?

Am I racing only myself in life? Itís not a chase

Shake out of the funk mister, to waste any day is forsaken

Life will never be perfect, I need to accept this with grace

If I accept this maybe contentment will come, hopefully Iím not mistaken

Maybe, just maybe, I need to set my own pace

With my longtime wife at my side for life, true contentment is knowing her love for me is unshaken

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