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Better You Forget Me Part II


Ehsan Elahi Ehsan

Dedicated to my grand daughter Noorul Huda Zahra

It is my hobby to keep on playing with the shells on the sea-shore
It is my bobby to play with the scattered straws of the nest
Some times I feel pleasure to hold the river of tears in my eyes
And some times to play with the pearls dropping in my lap.
The boats of my thoughts are floating in the open waters
Sometimes these thoughts fashion themselves like beautiful maids
Life is made so charming, sweet and fascinating
By the butterflies of thoughts flying all around.
It is too stormy outside, strengthen your walls
Be ready to offer your blood for a noble cause
Never allow yourself to be nervous in such circumstances
It is the dire need of time to string the cords of breath together.
The prevalent indifference does not allow the hearts to be aggrieved
It does not allow any tear to come on the brims of the eyes
There is a horrible dragon sitting on the way
That never allows any friendly news to come to us.
The hearts have become dead, what are you telling them
The frost in winter even has no effect on the stones
No body is paying attention to what you are saying
It is just like blooming of the flowers in the jungle.
Merely good intentions are not enough for success
The winds cannot make the ramparts of the houses
Truth remains truth in every situation
And the clever arguments ultimately fail before it.
The tree has grown up but we have to see
It brings out some fruit or not
The house looks beautiful though not the home
And the insiders are impatient to evacuee it.
Straightforwardness gives the princely dignity to man
It brings disgrace to pride and arrogance
It never defames the grandeur of truths
It preaches sympathy and good manners every where.
We have seen much twisting of your wisdom
We have seen the idols in your idolatry
The wealth of satisfaction is in recognizing the One
We have seen much the kindness of the worldly gods.
Let me wake the hearts that are sleeping
Let me turn the direction of the minds
It has been blocking my way for a long time
But let me remove this heavy stone from my way now.
Still you have to test the energy of your feet
Although the way is very tedious yet you have to move ahead
We have to find that treasure which has been lost
By man in his struggle of haste and waste.
The sweet taste in the tongues has disappeared
The kind hearts have left communication with each other
Strange is the situation we are facing all around
The secrets are shared among human beings.
There is a great noise and thrill
The skies are busy in conspiring against man
There are no straws flying in the winds
Every moment man is faced with a new kind of confusion.
It is the belief that makes the fields of life green
It is the very spirit of all our existence
All the doubtful thinking vanish before grief
And its mention is enough to shake their foundations.
The lush green twigs are sitting in the eyes
The barren journeys are made pleasant by them
Though the autumn has always been conspiring against the spring
Yet this land has not become so deserted.
If there is a light of piety in the hearts
That light is reflected in the faces
When one is stricken by the blows of reality
Then he comes to know that self- praises are only delusions.
We have yet to study the book of life
We have yet to know the inner realities
There are many things lurking in the minds
And these are to be brought to light.
My papers and my pen is my own, not borrowed one
The grief which I have borne that is also my own
But this grief has been expressed in such a manner
That it has become the grief of thousand of men.
There are many thoughts still hidden behind the mirror
There are still many things I have to say to myself
I have yet to express that pain which is within me
And which has been accumulated in my heart since centuries.
It is good to have a doubtful eye about hope,
It is good to go on searching for truth,
Although the destination is always linked with luck
Yet to continue the journey and leave foo-marks is graceful.
Sometimes the crowds of thoughts keep my busy
Sometimes the drops of tears stay on eyelashes
We are always in search of remembering Him
And give consolation to our aggrieved hearts.
All kinds of creatures visit the dome of my imagination
Some of them are singing elegies and some happy lyrics
Some are so beautiful that beauty itself envies them
And horrify me like a black dragon.
Many people have exhausted them out
They have been in constant fear even in their own homes
Although time has always been cruel to them
Yet they have remained steadfast in their purpose.
Here is the burning sand of the desert and there the fragrance of flowers
The eyes are filled with the cool shadows of flowers
We have to go a long way in the burning sun
The boils of feet get inspiration from far off flowers.
We have to keep ready our unwise heart
We have to cross this river of fire
It is no use merely to sit and weep
We have to ignite our hearts with passions.
The bodies have started burning let us find some shadow
There is restlessness every where let us search some peace

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