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Better You Forget Me Part III


Ehsan Elahi Ehsan

Dedicated to my grand daughter Noorul Huda Zahra.
The prophets of love live in every corner of the world
There are still people who live under the shade of trust
Though the time has much changed
Yet there are still some kind people on this land.
The chains of fidelity do not allow us to move ahead
We are in dire need of the prayers of our dear ones
We are very patiently and very painfully writing
The blind cruelties of the time being played upon us.
We longed that there would have been some body
Who could take us out of the pitch darkness
There would have been some body to wake us
From this deep slumber of carelessness prevailing around.
We have come back after leaving our life
In the rainbow of your sweet memories
We have been sitting on the way in your memories
And at last came back leaving every thing there.
We have come to your city to find some peace of mind
We have come here in the hope of finding some shelter
We have left that world the ashes of peace are blown away
And the whole life is mortgaged for nothing.

Perhaps you have not seen what stories tell
These empty beakers of life which you have thrown away
They tell some times the stories and love and hatred
And some time they tell of the silence kept by you.
This life of our is passing in a rich variety of colours
The life seems to be covered by a strange fragrance
There is some times a smile on lips and sometimes tears in eyes
Life is every moment changing into a new mould.
These swings of light take us beyond the skies sometimes
We cannot thank for the blessing of God to us
It is He Who forgives us time and again our sins
We cannot reach the shores of our hope without His mercy
Whenever your memories jingle in the ears of our love
A rich happiness spreads all around the world
Whenever I feel some loneliness
I bend my head in your memories and forget every thing else.
The deep furrows of your forehead tell of something hidden
We know where your thoughts are hanging forever
We know who has trampled the fields of your hope
And how you have been thrown in the mire of worries.
Sometimes the waves of the past times begin to strike us
Sometimes the cords of a broken song ring back to mind
Man is the same from the very beginning to this time
These are his circumstances which made him seem different.
Your deep thoughts have gifted the beauty a new charm
Your beauties have added new charms to life
It is you who have irrigated our barren fields of life
And changed us from ordinary persons to great human beings.
The world is has come to an ecstasy for your beauty
The fiction turned mad when came out to find reality
You are a fragrance how is it possible to catch you
It is not so easy to win your attention and your favours.
Who knows that some body comes suddenly to install hope
And provides us some comfort in the mid of these worries
Who knows that a traveler of far off lands come suddenly
And change all the gloomy atmosphere into happiness.
When this world makes you an outlaw, come to me
When it makes you so disappointed come to me
If you are forgotten by the world in search of new beauties
Come to me and I shall make you memorable for ever.
Just try to share the pains and sorrows of others
Just try to give some support to the broken hearts
You shall see that your lights will brighten the whole world
And you will become the apple of every bodyís eye.
It is a source of inspiration even to look at the struggling hearts
It gives you the pleasures of youth even in old age
It gives hopes to those who are disappointed in life
It gives new glamour to the withered and faded faces.
You company provides an unlimited joy to the hearts
Your words give a new life to the dying meanings
Your charms put the whole world into deep slumber
And makes the people forget of their worries for sometimes.
We shall boil the heart in the heat of burning grief
We shall purify our heart and make it look like a mirror
We did not know that our heart was so much attached to you
And all the directions of our life would end on your personality.
The realities are still lying under many covers, let us bring them out
It is very hard yet let us go on tying to bring them to light
Man has always been inclined to go down from the heights
We hope that he would be able to maintain his high position.
It is not good to waver more than needed
It is not good to reveal your heart to every one
Those people who do not want to share your grief
Better you leave them and go on your own way.
We have no heart to leave you alone on the path of life
We cannot break your heart being harassed by worries
Although the winds are always going against us
Yet we shall try to change their direction to make us free.
The love makes us mad some time and we are left alone
Our sorrows are increased every moment and on every step
There is a storm going on in our hearts which shakes our existence
Yet we arrange some how or the other to provide peace to ourselves.
Your picture has come back to my mind,
Your memories have again changed the direction of my life
A constant fight goes on in my passions
And life seems again to take its weapons again time.
It is not possible for us to see these sufferings
We cannot bear this torture every moment
Love is, no doubt a blessing for man
Yet it is not love alone for which we live.
Come and see how our homes of our dumb words break
See what is going on in our heart without you
See that a tear which has come on the brim of the eye
And the grief it has while leaving its companions behind.
The confusions are the enemies of man
These do not allow you to do any work
The waves are rising in the heart every moment
And these passions are the only asset man has.
We have still to show new scenes to the deserted eyes
We have to take ourselves in the valleys of dreams
Our self-deceit is harmful to us, yet
We have to discover new ways for ourselves.
It is our hobby to decorate the mirrors and to break them
It is our pursuit to keep on fighting the winds
It is our pleasure to keep on joining the broken pieces
And become a laughing stock before the passing crowd.
This heart has become too inclined to write the elegies
The grief of existence is causing a blockade to life
The shadows of your picture keep running before our eyes
And there is no body to whom we can impart our sorrows.
We wish that spring comes to us even by chance
We wish that our heart is consoled by any means
We have still to cover a long distanced journey
And wish that a zealous companion comes to us.
Love is dying in the hearts, let me weep
The eye burns are becoming permanent
The thoughts are entangled with the bushes of confusions,
And the whole life seems to be passing in chaos.
Some knock at the door is very valuable
Some smile from you is more precious
The world is very beautiful, yet
It is your presence which makes it more charming.
Some body has come to steal a few moments from your life
Some body has come to tell you his past story
Please donít break his heart by becoming indifferent
It will take only a moment that you peep into him.
There are crowds of thoughts flying every where
God knows why these thoughts are so frustrated
These eyes see sometimes beyond the skies
Probably this world is not enough for their dwelling.
Love is like a jumping deer in the meadows
Love shows all its colours when equally responded
The deserted eyes make love barren and dry
It comes into action in the cataracts of time.
You have to be very patient if you have to go with us
You will have to be very steadfast and courageous
You have to travel to the other side of this darkness
If you have to keep your name alive after you.
These trees are still dry but they will bring fruit
They would surely be laden with beauty and colour
Their desertion is only for a few days
And after that there would be a beauty all around.
Often we keep hidden our wounds even from ourselves
Often we have to make a false show of our happiness
We know what restlessness is going inside us
But we keep the outer walls well decorated.
Some body comes and makes my every breath fragrant
Some body stealthily comes and makes me fresh
My body and soul are given a new life
And my whole room becomes an enviable living.
It is autumn outside every where yet there is spring inside
The deserted city does not show any sign of gloominess
The garden of life is still full of green lushes
And the green grass still has the crystal drops of dew on it.
We have been disgraced before all the world for our love
We have lost our value in your eyes as well
There have been such accidents in life
That no medicine and no prayer can heal the wounds.
Nothing looks so beautiful in life as before
Your memories are also losing their fascination
God knows what dull seasons are prevailing on us
That we have been looking forward to a single smile.
Let our senses remain in tact, we have to pass the whole life
Let some hopes, passions and zeal remain with us
Still there are many a times to evade the realities
Let us go our way without your extraordinary kindness.

There are the grains of sand in our eyes how should we see
That youth and beauty which is surrounding us
The twilight is still there standing before us
And every thing looks gloomy and dim.

Some times the delicacies of some people make us mad
Some times the love of some devotees bewilders us
Some times it happens that chance arranges a meeting
And makes two hearts love forever and forever.
The imprisoned birds have still the memories of the garden
They are much disturbed to renew those memories
The donít think of the cage in which they are lying
And keep their blood warm with the past memories.
When you are here, distribute some cards of love
Provide some consolation to those who are suffering
This goodness will help you a lot at every step of life.
My tears have learnt to be happy in the worst conditions
My tears have known the secrets of loving hearts
Seeing your generosity my head is bowing with gratitude.
The begging bowl is going to fall from my hands
Why have you made mention of the torments of love
You donít know on what saving lie I was passing my life
And with how many excuses I have evaded the storm.
The journey and its ways to it are unknown to us
Our patience has also begun to overflow
Let us see we comes the place for our rest
Where the lamp flames and where the moths die.
The earth is spreading all its beauties before you
It has been longing your view since long
It is sorrowful that we are not able to see in this crowd
Some body has come from the city of love
The wishful eyes are looking forward to embrace
He has brought such a name with him
That has stirred up our whole existence.
The tears of our eyes are not turned into pearls
There are many storms inside but not allowed to come out
Some grief is such which mingles into body and soul
And this grief cannot be forgotten in spite of all efforts.
When some disturbing idea comes to your dreams kick it off
When there comes some worry in your happiness forget it
If in your speediness some life is wasted
You should not care about it.
We have written many poems on beauty and the beautiful
We have decorated many houses for your abode
Nothing can be done before the passions of love
All the thoughts are scattered before your beauty.
The dry desert of love is becoming green
The delicacies of love are becoming crystal clear
O, God we are grateful to you that we have stood the test
And our love has remained fresh in every season.
If you look into my eyes, you will notice that grief
Which has been kept hidden from the eyes of the people
We have got a great reward in your love
And our sorrows have been made bearable due to it.
All the faces are telling some sad stories, try to console them
Mix some sweetness into these bitter realities of life
Life becomes more charming if there is some sorrow with joy
It you who have made the life so charming.
Time has told us how to make life memorable
To look for some broken heart and live in it
There are some flowers and some thorns in my lap
And I go on playing with them all the time.
Your memories do not let me to be lonely
A crowd is always there which keeps me busy
We had left heart and could not see any charm in life
But now your memories have altogether changed the scene.
Leave some ideas from your side in my dreams
The house that has fallen let it be built again
It is not strange whatever has happened to us
All the dears change with the change of time.
We wish some refreshing idea to visit us
We wish your beauty to come to our eyes
Although you have many friends claiming sacrifice
Yet call us when the test and time to prove comes.
What has happened to me I am ashamed of myself
I am ashamed why did I give my heart to you
I thought there was still love and devotion
But I have come to realize that I was wrong to think so.
Even in the autumn of love there come out some green branches
This is such a tree which spreads every where
Its fruit is the sign of the highness of man
This is the only way which brings us near to the Great Soul.

Some body has come to remove the effects of the accident
Some body has come to remove the stone from the mouth of the cave
The plant of hope has been burnt by the lightening
O, God, if there was some body to plant it again.
The galaxies of stars sing song in the dark night
The tell of those stories which have been left untold
In the vigilant guard of journey disguising
Your memories come to console our hearts.
The fragrance of flowers makes us forgetful
Of that grief which is unavoidable
The thorns of life do make us realize their existence
Even though a wall of flowers stands before us.
It very enjoyable to sit and weep for some body
We see and bewail our feathers flying in the air
It is not our habit to complain against any body
We know it is our fate to shed tears even for little things.
In our company there are the stories of some crazy persons
There are the stories of the burning lamps and the moths
Here the people quarrel on the last drop
And then the stories of ruins are generated.
We want to have a deep sleep with sweet memories
We wish our souls are filled with fragrance
We want to delineate your personality
We want to cover ourselves with your evenings and nights.
When the serious questions come into the thinking minds
They donít care for the winds of time blowing hard
New hopes take place for a newer world
And the new wishes want to decorate the garden of life.
Let us start with the sacred name of love
Let us do this work which remains unfinished
We have to demolish the walls of hatred
Let us spread this message to every street.

Here the people snatch away the glow-worms of hope
Here the people take away tears for the loving eyes
They keep their prey before their eyes
And one day they deprive him of the right of living.
Love is a treasure sitting in the lap of tears
This is the old treasure of the fragrance of the world
That person who comes to it never likes
To leave the world of aspirations bestowed to him.
The tree of love remains alive even when it is cut off
This is such a river which flows in the deserts
It makes the barren lands full of lush green
It can forebear the hardships of any season.
Some body has come to encourage the depressed heart
Some body has come to tell of the new possibilities
Look at the dying ashes of thoughtfulness and concern
The tree of hope is visible even in such a situation.
The echoes of sweet music are heard in the lonely nights
The cords are playing themselves in ecstasy
Love come with all adoration on the brims of night
It makes the eyes wonder on such a pleasant change.
We have not written any story of our blooming youth
We have not thought over even of a title to our story
We have only been staying on the shore of life seeing fun
The rising waves can however create a thrill any time.
We have also made some contribution to you story
We have also added some thing in the message of the morning
The fragrances all around are a witness to this fact
There is a name in the corner in the chapter of your reputation.
It is very difficult to keep the plant of love green
Every body cannot go a long way in the journey
The habitation which has been destroyed by time
It is very difficult to grow new crops there.
Still there are some dying lamps on the way
There are still some foot marks on the dusty path
The moss that has gathered on the two loving hearts
Has made every body stunned of what has happened.
See the glittering flags on the end of our eye lashes
See that we have decorated your door with tears
See that people are frowning on the news of your coming
And see what a new life we have got on this news.
The worries that are generated by your thought
The caresses which we have to make for them
Are such a blessing in the old age
That they bring back the memories of youth.
Talk to the winds and tell them of the changes
Tell them that the grief is giving birth to happiness
When reality come forward with all its dignity
The aspiration begin to evade them silently.
When your memories come to the miserable heart
My lap becomes full of the glittering stars
We cannot say anything final about any person
Because every person is changing with every moment.
The flowery winds have spread fragrances every where
These all are giving some message about you
Although we are weakly attached to your life
Yet we are proud of having some relation with you.
As there is a strip of the sunshine in two joint clouds
Or there is some light in the flowing waters
The same kind of relation exists between you and me
There is love, there is devotion and there is hope.
We cannot forget your eyes full of tears
We cannot forget how your heart had been broken
I would have learnt some way of living from you
But the eyes are still engaged in the galaxies of starts.
The deserted fields may sometime give crops green
The utter silence some times begins to speak
Some times the departed souls catch hold so strong
That the whole body and soul is controlled by them.
It is your eyes that awaken me from the deep slumber
It is you that brightens my dark paths of life
When there is an all prevailing hatred in the people
It is your love that makes them remember what they were.
The barren fields can also be made fertile sometimes
The deep silence sometimes begins to sing sweet songs
Sometimes the memories of the departed friends haunt
In such a manner that it seems hard to live without them.
It is your eyes that awaken my sleeping senses
It is your light that brightens the dark paths
When there is hatred all around the world
It is your love that teaches me to live with dignity.
There would come some light in my dark ways
I shall forget all the world in your memories
Though man cannot always find the fruit of his struggles
Yet you teach me not to be disappointed in miseries.
Nature is lying bare before us with all its beauties
It tries to make us forget our woes and sorrows
It separates us from the boring daily activities
And provides us every kind of comfort in its lap.

Poetry is written only when there is a passionate heart
It the love that generates through its verses
The imaginative eye opens new door to secrets
The language of poetry is the language of humanity.

A constant fear in the worldly activities haunts me
I go to the mountains to keep myself aloof
Even there I fear that this peace of mind may be snatched
So I keep waking even in my sleep.
The man is new but his story is old
It is the same story that has been told for centuries
It quite difficult to separate it from the flowing waters
Because life itself is like the flowing rivers.
The outer light has damaged our insight
The layers of doubts are covering the light of belief
But see even in such condition we are carrying on
The journey to you love with full devotion.
Is it the fragrant heart of the Kalar Kahar
(a very beautiful natural place in Chakwal)
The business of life is going on with full zeal
There is a constant rain of peace and calmness
And there are many friends around to stand by me.

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