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Half a Life


Yussuf Migoko

when Love has burnt us,
far more than our hearts can take,
we often hide or try to escape it
pretending it's something that didn't exist...

Other times,
our heart and eyes may be caught at war,
and a few of us just settle for the simple substitutes,
in the weekend affair or that petty fantasy,
which often leave sad feelings of emptiness inside...

But as in all things in life,
there are always exceptions and a few lucky people,
people who have found their special someone, their heaven on earth,
and people who know what it feels like to be lost on cloud nine,
or to take a stroll on a white sand beach,
and search the heavens, on starlit nights, with the one they love...

And still, for the few that find love,
there are many others who don't,
many others who have lost their way,
driven mad by these emotions, these conflicts,
and in the end, they give up without fighting...

But I learned some time ago, that to love is to suffer,
but the suffering is far outweighed by the magic of love,
I also learned that love and time heals everything,
and once I too took this trip to cloud nine,
as love overwhelmed me and I could only surrender to its enchantment...

There was no price on Love, nor any logic or true understanding,
it was something just driven by faith and trust,
and all one could do is just believe and love,
but in the end, the pain was worth it and so too the heartache,
for without love, one would only have lived half a life...

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