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My Heart Speaks


Yasetta Wilson

Often when days are glum and there is no one around, I like to sit in total
silence and just be. 

The sounds around me put me in a trance and if I listen close enough my heart

It tells about the happy times Iíve lived and reminds me that all my life, my
love, my world isnít sorrow.

It speaks so loud and clear that I canít help but smile at all Iíve done in
memory that that was how I used to be. 

Then it saddens because I start to ask what happened to me? I used to have
faith in so many things. 

And my heart cries, so loudly that a tear runs down my cheek and I find
myself locked in a daze of hate, hurt and resentment that this world I live in
has turned that sweet little innocent girl into a woman who bleeds. 

And I canít breathe, and I canít see, I can only feel that that pain is closing in
and then I feel fear. When will it change? How will it end? Can I be free

My sob turns into a scream because I am alone and I canít listen, and I canít
move, I only hurt. 

And all of a sudden, from somewhere my cloud lifts and I am fed hope,
power, strength. I donít know from whence it came but I like it and I rise, my
tears fade. Iím a new woman and that world can only be aware of me. Then
my heart speaks and I fall silent to hear its words and it says, ďThatís God.Ē

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