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Summer Kisses


Walter L. Jones

Words they float across the pages
Taking me to your soul
I think that love it ages
But your heart never grows old

Tasting your lips is most like heaven
Feeling your body close to mine
Slipping in to forever
I will hold you forever in my mind

Rivers of satin come between us
Should it be that life is just a line
I do not feel losses
I just love you one more time

In the happy moments
I feel your kisses on my cheek
In the time of passion it
Is your heart I seek

Worldly items come before you
Diamonds and houses on the hill
But never dies the passion
That in your kiss I feel

Words they float across the pages
Like the day in morning sun
Take the window seat
We got a shotgun run

Tasting your lips of honey
Body hot as day is long
When you're in it for the money
Love is just your song

River of satin calm you
Sweet the scent of love
Caught forever in the moment
Cooing like the dove

In the happy moments
Wanting nothing but warm sun
I will hold your soul forever
Kiss your lips for fun

Worldly items hold no meaning
Life stops at your door
Passion is found in the clothes
Lying on your floor

Words they float across the pages
Kisses fill my mind
If you are really going
Stay gone this time

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