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Your Love is a Tragedy


Uzma Sadaf

There are hand, and the lines of pain on them,
There are the broken dreams,
The small grains of which wound my eyes,
The throbs or the heart bewail.
The dreams with scattered hair like a forlorn maid,
The smoky face, the shadows of pain,
And the sky a silent spectator,
The rotation of starts have become my enemy,
Perhaps for some old enmity,
But these stains of blood, this painful path aside,
And the blusters of the burning feet, alright,
But the greatest tragedy is of your faithlessness,
You are the captive of your own nature,
And I helpless in you love,
Passing days in life imprisonment,
The tragedy of my life,
The greatest tragedy of your love.
The night was so silent,
She was sharing my grief,
The silence echoes,
The airs bewail,
You have gone away,
And nothing is left with me,
Loneliness rule in the courtyard of the heart,
The inside has changes into a ruin,
Nothing is left with me,
My eyes are as thirsty as a desert,
And there is no tear to water it,
You have gone away and nothing is left with me.
Even now I run from place to place,
And keep the lamp of memories burning,
I go to the threshold of your door and come back,
You donít see how wistful are my eyes to see you,
I keep on searching you every where,
Every moment seems longer than a century,
And you have never come back.
You have thrown me in the burning hell of the moments.
Perhaps it was some ego,
But what to talk of ego,
My ego was bound with you,
When you were with me, how proud I was of myself,
Now I have realized it was just a walking shadow,
That all this universe was mine,
Love was mine, and the ever fresh relation was going with me,
At that time, my soul was just like a fountain,
Coming out of mountain,
There was an overflow in my passions,
There was happiness all around,
The sky seemed to swing in my arms,
But now I have realized that it was,
Just a walking shadow,
And falsely I thought that you were with me.

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