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Who Says The Passion Has Died Away


Uzma Sadaf

Who says the passion has died away
Who says the passion is alive
Yes, the passion is alive
But it has hidden somewhere
It has gone some where in search of peace
But where is the peace?
It is the matter of only yesterday
It went to some deserted corner
To make its nest with some straws
It had some writings in its hand
It had a necklace of pearls around its neck
It was sitting far away behind the smoke
The sun was coming down
The birds were going back to their nests
The day with its half-closed eyes
Was in some deep reflections
It had forgotten every thing
The passion that was sitting silently
Rose up all of a sudden
Its feet began to dance
These were burning
In the rising and dying fire
Its eyes came out because of pain
But it kept on dancing
Its whole body burnt away by this dancing
Then a new body generated out of it
This body was better than before
And this process went on happening
For centuries
The passion kept on dancing
It kept on taking new birth
And who says the passion has died away?

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