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The Time Has Changed


Uzma Sadaf

The time has changed, better you also change

When you pass from these ways of life

You will find many houses

Though it would be morning yet

All the door and all the windows of those houses

You will find closed. Even a gust of fresh air

Is not allowed to pass there

You will also find many buildings with fades colours

May be they fascinate you

When you will look around you find

Many flowers on the roads

The flowers will be coloured with uncolourful eyes

For a while your eyes would be dazzled with the lights

Because the time has changed

Every body has become conscienceless

He is all the time running after wealth

He does not need peace of mind

When I say that time had changed it means

That I myself have also changed

I have also become conscienceless

I have no power left in my hands

To accumulate the wealth of loves

I have sole my name and my self

Even I have no words left to say something

There is aimlessness before me

Yes I am myself the murderer of my self

I have also killed you that is why I say

Time has changed so you should also change yourself.

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