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Uzma Sadaf

All the matters are of disappointments
The storm has blown away the houses
All the branches have been broken
All the leaves have been scattered
All the buds are sad
All those people who used to love
Have been disheartened by hatred
All the boats have been sunk
There are no possibilities of life anywhere
Although all the matters are of disappointments
The light ray of hope has been swallowed
By the storms, and the earth
Has been keeping long silence
The soul has gone astray
Those lights of love
Which were visible in your eyes
Have been extinguished one by one
My picture has also been effaced
Although the matters are of disappointments
But God knows why on the deserted ways
Of the deserted eyes
There is wandering a dream
A lonely dream, very lonely
Looking for the hopes
It makes home with the broken branches
Burns a lamp of light with its blood
And places the heavy stones on the tears

Then it speaks and says to me
Donít be so worried
There is God, the only God
Who will give a new life to your earth
And new ideas to your mind
He will provide you with new paths
And new destinations
It says to me donít be worried
God is there
Who will bless you with new journeys
New mornings and new destinations
Against one prostration
He is the God, the only God!

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