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Uzma Sadaf

This is December
The year is taking its last breath
There are only a few days left
And then the sun of the new year with rise
This year will become the part of the past
The days and nights of this December
Are all wrapped into frost
There is fog every where
In the same manner as there is a fog in the eye
Before they burst into weeping
Or a thorn of pain stings the soul
In the same manner there is fog in the eyes of December
It goes to see the last January
And says to it with great love
What a short life!
Then it remembers it happiness during the year
Thrusting in quilts, those stories, those legends
That it saw
Some time of "Heer" and some times of "Ranjha"
(Heer and Ranjha are the heroine and hero of a Punjabi
epic poem)
Then the hottest June mid-days
And then the journeys of the deserts
And the oasis
And then all the memories of the year one by one
And the fears going far beyond
And the mad waves of the wind like sea waves
And the turning pages of the past in them
And the nameless persons in the history
Then the fear of being dispersed
Then the pieces of human bodies lying like scrapes
The body of December has frozen thinking such things
And the ice has covered all its mountains
There is fog in the eyes going far beyond.

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