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Certain Realities


Uzma Sadaf

There is a noise everywhere
And I am in search of peace
The mind has confused
The heart leaps somewhere else
It tries to create its own world
It does not wish for lights
It does not wish to see any dreams
It has got its own philosophy
It tries to search peace
In the depths of pain
It goes on making the clay pots all the day
It makes little toys
Then it given them the nameless names
And finally breaks them
And when it breaks them
It makes the tears of blood come out of eyes
Because it loves its creations so much
Once it seems
That the colour of sky has changed
All the whole earth is quaked
And its existence is effaced
Then it makes something anew
But every time
Something seems to be missing
It can know
But remains innocent knowingly
Some realities come
And stand on the threshold of the hut
It poses to be indifferent
Sometimes it seems
It has discovered the reality of the toys
Then again the process of breaking them
Smoke rises from every corner
It hides its identity behind the smoke for some time
Then it comes back
To start anew.

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