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All The Writings Are Blank


Uzma Sadaf

All the writings have become blank
The threads of body are crying
You say all is true
It is all right but I canít see any word
I canít see any thing
The unknown paths are drawing me to them
And the fear is resting in the back corner of my eyes
The pain of love has its own importance
And that was a big tragedy but now
It is strange that your agony is greater than mine
The dry cracking bones of your body
Which are holding the quivering spirit
Your eyes which are as barren as a desert
You know that the pains of today are greater
Than the pains of yesterday
Now all the bodies are without any shelter
The coughing and blood spitting bodies
Tumbling down their cots
All would go to dust
On the one side are the high buildings
Having long roof borders
And on the other side the human beings
Trying to cross the bloody stream
Fighting and dying in it
All the writings are barren
And no word comes into mind
How should I describe
There is a world that is dancing
On death
Humanity is dying and the human beings dancing
We are ourselves dancing on our death
We are ourselves who are victimizing ourselves
The words and vacant and the writings soundless
In such conditions what should I say
What should I write.

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