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A Misconception


Uzma Sadaf

I am as lonely as ever
I had a misconception that
When all the supports are finished
When all the relations are broken
When the boat is going to sink
When all the dreams in the eyes
Turn to be barren
When the dreams begin to scatter like sand
When the little shelters are blown away by the mad winds
When the eyes lose their lights
Then God gives shelter, I had a misconception
When all the world turns away its face
When deceptions begin to surround the heart
When joys are sold on the name of sincerity
When all the friendships are auctioned
When all the passions are tied in chains
When the evil actions bite like snakes
When we drink poison taking it an eli! xir
And when the last momentsí thoughts
Demolish their fickle homes
And jump into the sea burning their boats
And think that the friends remain friends
And the sacrifice of life is nothing to keeps friends
When I thought that the friends will stand with me
In the last critical time
I had a misconception
I had a trust
Thanks God that it has been broken.

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