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Gathering Pearls


Susan Maree Jeavons

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About the Book:

Gathering Pearls is a collection of cultured poems abounding with grace. A delicate thread of wisdom and sensitivity permeates Susan Maree's poetry. Gathering Pearls will take you to your soul, make you weep, and make you smile.
The poet's words emanate from the depth of her soul, as she often states that her poems are "whispers from God." When not written by way of divine inspiration, these poems are a direct result of Susan Maree's struggles and triumphs. The author confesses that for her, "writing poetry creates order out of chaos and transforms obstacles into blessings."

By reading this magnificent collection, you may discover emotions that perhaps you were unaware of before. Gathering Pearls promises to calm, encourage, strengthen, enlighten, make you laugh and bring hope where there is despair.

Readers may also look forward to a humorous book of poetry for children to be published in the future. For now, as Susan makes her literary debut, it is her greatest aspiration that you enjoy and appreciate Gathering Pearls.

About the Author:

Susan Maree Jeavons is a wife, mother and grandmother who is passionate about her mission in life. She has transformed a traumatic childhood into an adulthood that is rich in service to her beloved family and to the victims and survivors of child abuse. These poems are about her life and the pearls that she has gathered along the way.

Susan Maree is the Contributing Editor of Child Abuse and Recovery at, where she invites survivors of child abuse to share their stories. Susan writes articles, monitors discussions, hosts a weekly chat and provides emotional support for survivors.

Susan's work has appeared on numerous web sites and in small presses. Ladybug Press published several of her poems in Women On A Wire, A Poetry Collection. Susan was invited to read her poem, I Am The Child at the 6th Annual Child Abuse Homicide Victim's Candlelight Vigil in Raleigh, NC. I Am The Child was also used in the Johnson County, North Carolina Child Abuse Prevention Task Force's Blue Ribbon For Kids Campaign.


Universal Muse

She is light
in dark, mysterious spaces,
integrity in immoral places .
She's hope
in spite of uncertainty,
mercy for those with misery.
She's an idealist
in a realm of broken dreams,
conscious of her adversary's schemes.
She's morality
displayed for all to see,
enlightenment to all who wish to be.
She's time,
yesterday, today, tomorrow,
ecstasy within a world of sorrow.
She's creation
from beginning to the end,
solitude yet society's boisterous friend.
She's love in a world of sin and hate.
She's harmony;
this, the poet's fate.

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