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Lover's Moon & Juniper


Minerva T. Bloom &
Michael D. Petti

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About the Book:

"Set upon a journey of poetic enchantment and revelation where the pristine world of the Moon acts as a primal, integral part of the human psyche. Lover's Moon & Juniper is an intimate merger of free verse, Shakespearean and Petrarchan sonnets, haiku, and villanelle, to celebrate the splendor of the Moon and its influence on our Earth.

The Moon embraces two loving partners in the same way that she and the Earth have embraced for eons. This sylphid maiden of love beckons those who fall beneath her spell seducing with serene grace and silence, singing in harmony with the emotional music of both desire and loneliness.

This evocative collection of two voices and two styles converging into one celestial object as a symbol for personal discovery of the heart explores the Moon's phases viewed through lovers' eyes. In Lover's Moon & Juniper, Michael and Minerva's passionate, longing poetic voices bring about an understanding of the male and female psyche and the many layers of human emotions."

About the Author:

MINERVA T. BLOOM is a married mother of 3 children. Born in a small town nestled in the western mountains of Mexico and currently living in the US.

She is a spur-of-the-moment photographer and editor. Minerva is the author of three poetry collections in print: Lover's Moon & Juniper, Passion's Kiss, For The Music In Our Hearts and two chapbooks: Wonder Worker, Mermaids Maidens and Distant Dreams and several other poetry collaborations.

Her photography or drawings have been featured on several book covers: Discovered World by Poet Michael D. Petti, Reflections in The Well by essaist David Arthur Walters and the awarded Canadian Comedy Play Talking Women: Sex, Lies & Gossip by Poet, musician Chris Lindsay.

Her mystical and organic images in Poetry, explore sensuality in human nature and our surroundings.


Samples of Minerva's Poetry can be found here at the Writer's Voice at the following links:

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