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True Reflections Volume I


Michelle True

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About the Book:

The Blank Page is my first chapbook and includes a variety of poems which give readers an idea of my style of writing.

My other two chapbooks are: True Reflections Volume II:  Shabbat Shalom, which is a book of poems about Judaism and the Jewish Holidays and True Reflections Volume III:  Behind These Walls, poems about relationships - love, heartbreak, being strong, and moving forward in your life.

As of December 2003, I am looking for a publishing house to publish a large book of my poetry or at least hopefully get some of my work into an anthology.

About the Author:

Michelle True is the Founder & Director of Poetic License (a poetry writer's group based in the northwest suburbs of Chicago) and a member of the Illinois State Poetry Society.

Her poems have appeared in the small press and on the internet, most recently in the ezines The Poetry Corner, Poetic Voices and The Writer's Voice.

She performs poetry readings and sells her chapbooks at various local poetry readings.


Some Poems from "The Blank Page:"


It's a desert out there;
so many men but a shortage
of those who meet my criteria.

I am dehydrated,
yet I won't lower
my standards.

It will probably be a while
before the right nomad
arrives on his camel
to quench my thirst.

Mirrors Don't Lie

Imperfections cannot be denied
when they are reflecting back at you.

You can focus on other things and try
not to look too hard at dark circles,
fine lines or blemishes.

The trick you have learned is to
cover them up and avoid
looking in mirrors any longer than necessary.

You try every product in the skin care aisle
then visit a dermatologist or a surgeon.

You may lie to yourself but like the story
of Snow White, your mirror doesn't lie.

Some poems from "Shabbat Shalom:"


We're just about to start a new year
with the old year behind us.

Our conscience gently
whispers in our ear, asking
what we did wrong and
how can we make it right.

God, always watching,
is especially vigilant now
noting who truthfully
promises to mend their ways
and make a better effort
going forward.

It can be difficult to let go of
old, bad habits
but you can do it.

We come together to ask each other
and God for forgiveness;
but first we must forgive ourselves.

The Holiest Day

The holiest day, we celebrate
Six days of creation, then one of rest.
A new Torah reading to be heard
Our lives are uniquely blessed.

We celebrate our heritage
As a community we pray.
We long for knowledge and for peace
To embrace the entire world, some day.

We contemplate the week just passed,
Pray for understanding and truth.
We teach our special heritage
To each generation's youth.

We pray with passion, sing with joy
Reaffirming our faith and love.
Knowing that it's in our hands
Along with guidance from above.

When the service is over,
We turn to family and friend.
Wish each other Shabbat Shalom;
Next week we'll begin again.

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