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Discovered World


Michael D. Petti

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About the Book:

Discovered World is a poet's intimate portrait overflowing with passion, sensuality, and heartfelt emotion.

This is Michael D. Petti's first published anthology.

About the Author:

MICHAEL D. PETTI is a married father of two children. A hopeless romantic whose upbringing in Brooklyn, New York helps to ground him in reality. A stockbroker by day and a poet just about everyday.

Michael is the author of two Poetry books: 'Discovered World' -- An Intimate Portrait and 'Lover's Moon & Juniper.'

Michael has written more than 200 (and counting) Romantic Shakespearean Sonnets to date -- his specialty (more than the Bard Shakespeare himself). A third book on Romantic Sonnets is in the works.


"...and after we disentangle our arms and hands from the lucid, but impossible, moment of unexpected destiny, after that brief eternity of togetherness is undone, I begin to scrawl on some enchanted vegetable and oil-stained paper pizza plate discarded long ago my heart's desire. Poetic words for, and never seen by, a special friend that attempt to imitate, pay homage to, and conjure up what poets through the ages had imagined of love...

The discovery of its exultation and yearning. The discovery of its hurt and bittersweet silent remembrance."

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