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  The Dead City


Jonathan Isenor

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About the Book:

About the Author:

Jonathan Isenor was born in 1984 and lives in Nova Scotia, Canada with his girlfriend and his parents. Jonathan found his passion for writing at the young age of sixteen, writing fantasy stories, some of which were posted at The Black Dragon and Writer’s Voice web sites, and will also appear in a magazine entitled Dark Angel Rising in 2004.

Jonathan has had a dream of having his works published since he found his love for the craft and continues to write poetry, short stories and thrillers in the hope of reaching that dream. With The Dead City novella, his first major publication, Jonathan Isenor promises greater things to come from his future, spine-tingling tales.
Jonathan Isenor


Jack slammed down the receiver and then buried his head in his hands, the shock coursing through his body. Though he tried to hold them back, tears formed in the pockets of his eyes and flowed down his cheeks as he held his head. How could this be happening? His parents weren’t sick, or old, and yet now they were both dead.

He stared at the wall, thinking about the horrible news. Deep in shock, the minutes passed like an eternal nightmare until daylight started peeking through the cracks of his bedroom curtains.

Still stunned, Jack called his office. His boss was coldly sympathetic when he told him he’d be away for a few days; at least until after the funeral. The sun rose higher in the sky and yet the news of his parents' death loomed over him like a cold, soulless shadow.

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