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In Her Terror


Alice C. Bateman

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About the Book:

Much more complex and chilling than Neo-Nazi pranks, the most frightening aspect to this fictional novel is that the story could all too easily be real.

This thriller, IN HER TERROR, keeps the reader riveted with the activities of the loathsome Kurt Heinrich.  Evil scion of the Nazi Party, he wields the subversive power of the Nazis in 1999 Toronto.  Violent sex games, resulting in the subtly mysterious deaths of two beautiful young women, add considerable spice to this novel by first-time author Alice C. Bateman. ‘Independent Investigator’ Sheldon Gardner - aloof, solitary widower - will be carried from this stark and compelling work into future books.  Look forward to seeing more of Sheldon, and his new love, in the sequel to In Her Terror.

About the Author:

A prolific writer and inspired poet, Alice C. Bateman carries a vast assortment of characters and plots around in her head at any given time. Her seven children are accustomed to Alice talking about her fictional people as if they are real, no longer surprised to hear her discuss a predicament the characters find themselves in at the dinner table or on the telephone.

Ms. Bateman's versatility allows us to see many sides of her multi-faceted intellect. In addition to writing, Alice enjoys spending time with her family, and designs and makes fashion jewelry primarily from crystals, stones and feathers. She loves to read, and thoroughly enjoys traveling to warmer climates. A divorced Canadian woman, Alice and her family are currently located in Calgary, Alberta amidst the grandeur {and cold!} of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Watch for more work soon by this exciting new author!



“Sonya...” The catatonic girl moves for the first time in many, many hours, hearing a soft, eerie voice calling her name.

“Sonya...” The call is repeated.  “I’m over here, honey, by the door.”

Her eyes slowly focusing, but still not alert, Sonya moves as if held down by some heavy pressure.  Her head lifts centimetre by centimetre from the pillow, like a slow-motion replay of the same action.

The apartment is shrouded in gloom.  Twilight has fallen and there is no one there who is capable of turning on any lights.       

Eventually, her eyes travel to the doorway of the guest bedroom where she lies.  Standing there is a glowing presence, warm and loving, reaching out its hands to Sonya.  In the state she is in, she doesn’t find this the least bit unusual. 

“Come to me, Sonya, come...” The spirit of Erika has returned to rescue the girl she loves from an impossible situation.  “Stand up, baby, come with me.”

“Erika,” Sonya says in a small, weak voice.  “Oh, Erika, where did you go?”

“I’ve gone to a beautiful place, where no one can ever hurt me again.  And I’ve come to get you and take you there, too.”

As Erika speaks, Sonya is rising from the bed like a somnambulist.  One tentative step at a time, she finally reaches the doorway, only to have Erika turn and start gliding down the hall.

“Come to the playroom, baby.  We have to get you ready to come with me.”

Submissively, Sonya follows.

Opening the door that Erika has gone through without opening, Sonya doesn’t even think to turn on the light, but stops as if listening for further direction.

“Go to the wall, Sonya, take down a nice, thick rope.”

Sonya obeys.

“Good girl.  OK, now take one end of the rope and tie it into a noose.”

Although she has had no experience in tying a noose in her short life, Sonya is presently being other-directed, and easily accomplishes this task.

“Good, baby, good.  Now, go get the chair.”  Sonya drops the rope when given the new instruction.  “No, honey, keep the rope, you’ll need it too.”  Sonya wordlessly picks it back up, and goes over to the chair.

“OK, sweetheart, you’re doing very well.   Now, look up at the ceiling and find one of the big hooks.  Good girl!  Take the chair, stand it up, and put it right under that hook.”

Still moving in slow motion, Sonya accomplishes this.

“Now, honey, I want you to take the noose and put it around your neck.”

Sonya obeys.

“Now, pick up the rest of the rope, and stand up on the chair.”

Sonya obeys.

“Very, very good, sweetheart!  OK, now you have to reach up and put the rope over the hook.  Good.   Now, pull it tight, and tie it in a big knot.”

Sonya does as she is told.  She is now standing on the chair, the noose around her neck, the rope tied securely below the ceiling hook.  The gloom in the room is becoming deeper by the second.

“Very good, baby.  You look absolutely beautiful!  There is just one more small thing you have to do.  Are you ready?”        

Sonya nods mutely.

“OK, just lift your right foot and take a step towards me, honey, then we can be on our way.”

Sonya obeys.

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