The Sun


Clive Michie


The sun was drawn by K. Crawford in 1980 for me as part of a group including the moon.
The pattern is old and pieces missing so I had it redrawn on a friend's computer and plotted
with his 36 inch plotter to an accuracy of 1/20,000 of an inch, that's a much greater accuracy
then my eye can detect.


The paper was glued on to a piece if stiff bristle board using 3M glue to stiffen
the pattern that can be cut and traced on to the glass. Note pieces 1 2 3 A B  
in the center of the design are all exactly the same size this makes cutting the
border template much faster then if the pieces where all different sizes.



A strip of glass is cut from the sheet because it is easier to handle then a 2 foot by 4 foot
sheet and the template is traced on to the blank of glass. Because all the border
pieces are very accurate I can trace the template 8 times for the border pieces.


All the border pieces are traced and cutting will begin.


The border is cut and I will grind to fit the design.
You can see the pattern spray glued to cardboard.


I use a zinc bender to make the circular border that will assist in keeping the panel
round and add a lot of strength.


First piece of glass cut and ground and added to the border came.
Now I will repeat the process till all are complete.


Care must be taken to assure that all the pieces maintain a smooth curve
so that the window remains round.


Much of the grinding is complete but note that I have left the small pieces
in the eyes out. The dark orange around the eyes will form a border for
fitting in the very little pieces.


All of the grinding is complete. The fit is too tight looks good but I will have to re-grind
some of the pieces as I foil. For the relaxation aspect of this project I choose to fit
one piece at a time.


Here I removed all the glass from the zinc came and will begin foiling and
adjusting the pieces as I go because I know it will grow with just the
thickness of the foil. I will place them back in the zinc came as I go.


Here you see a black line on the light orange piece below #18.
This piece is under the dark orange touching #30 and a line is traced to
determine how much glass will be removed to get back to the pattern.


I have about 1/8" of an inch to remove as a result of the growth of the foil.
By adjusting the pieces as I go I can keep the panel updated to the correct size.


All pieces are ground and placed in the zinc border. Because I used zinc to keep
the panel very round I will have to raise the yellow flames that almost touch
the border but do not so they are sagging below the rest of the glass, for this I
glue 3 pieces of bristle board together and cut small pieces to raise the flame
to match the angle of the dark orange border.


This window is covered with paste flux and while it is still warm from soldering
 I will wipe off as much of the mess as I can with a paper towel..

I have a piece of unwanted foil before I do the final clean for the
copper plating I will check the entire panel and remove these
with a razor knife because they block light and make it look bad.

Out in the garage I do a dry clean and polishing of the solder with
English whiting or calcium carbonate. This will absorbed the flux
and shine the solder up for the plating process. I use a compressor
to blow all the whiting off so it does not neutralize the acid produced
in the copper sulfate when water is added.

Up close and personal with The Sun.
The copper plating solution is mixed from CuS04 or copper sulfate
mixed with a left over of Gautier copper plating solution applied with
a piece of old tee shirt till the total window was the same colour.

The plants have taken to him very fast...

Now for a little reward...

The End

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