The Pyramid


Clive Michie

Some of the tools I will use for this project. I use a piece of parting
stop or a strip of wood 1/2" x 3/4" nailed to the bench to provide a
guide for my home made edger or strip cutter. Also note the many
different set squares and framing squares all very handy in cutting
straight parallel lines.

Using a small square as a ruler to notch the clear glass so I have a
mark to set the strip cutter to.

I can now line up my edger with the notch and it will be right on.
The wheel in the edger will stick in the notch and I will lock the
cutter head in place. It is a bit hard to see here so I blackened it
a little.

After I have the strips of glass cut I line it up against the parting
stop and place my 30 - 60 - set square over the glass and cut the
first line - did I say that I always pull the cutter towards me and
never push on a straight edge. Once the score is made and broken
I flip the set square and make the next cut.

For the second cut line the set square up with the first score
where it left the glass at the top.

It is difficult to see here but I am showing the cutter lined up
with where the score will leave the glass, demonstrating that there
is a 1/16 of an inch allowance made for the thickness of the cutter
to the center of the wheel.

With the 4 equilateral triangles cut and foiled I set the plastic set
squares up to hold the glass square on the left and right side.
I use a little electrical tap cause that's all I had in the house
and it is very cold out in the garage. I will solder the top points
together after a double check for alignment.

I use the same squares to take a measurement and then I will remove
about 3/16" so that the bottom border strips will not be mounted on
on the edge of the pyramid, a little guessing is ok.

Now I will cut a few strips of the gray opal glass to attach to
the bottom of the pyramid.

Squaring off the gray strips before their cut to length.

The ruler has notches in it so if I put my cutter wheel in the notch
then slide the square up to it - it will be an accurate cut.

Using an old sour cream container I can hold the piece level.
This is very useful when it is time to bead the edge.

Here is the brown that I am using for the lower container
that will hold the soil for the plant. The strip cutter is set to
11-1/2" the gray was cut to 11 even. The brown glass was
lined up against a framing square nailed to the bench to hold the
glass at a 90 degree angle.

I might as well cut the clear seeing as I have my edger set to the
right size for the clear glass bottom for this project. Note that I
have a ruler against the parting stop for a surface that the stripper
can slide on.

Again I use the English whiting to dry clean the pyramid, but in this
case after the plating I will rinse well under warm water.

This will look better with my little strawberry begonias in it.

The End

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