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The Poppies Window


Clive Michie

Here I have selected the glass that I feel will go together well
and with the designed plotted out I am ready to begin.

I have cut out the paper pattern out removing the excess and placed it
on a piece of bristle board and after centering it by eye I place X-s on
the pattern where I want to glue it down, the x-s will help me when
I am gluing it down to the card board.

Above is the alignment X to guide me in.

With my bench covered with newspaper I will remove the pattern
And evenly coat the cardboard with the 3M spray glue. I will hold the
pattern at the left and right or what will be the top and bottom, and
bend in to a U shape and align the x-s then rolling the pattern down
I secure to card board and rub.

I missed the X a little but I still got all the pattern on the cardboard.

I cut the excess away from the card board pattern on the cut line
provided on the plot. With a simple colour code to assist me in finding
Pieces when they are all over the bench.

Here we have the 1/2" zinc came bent consisting of about 85 percent
of the complete panel. It is difficult to bend zinc to a full oval but can be
done if the zinc is long enough. If the zinc is under bent it will be
impossible to bend the oval tighter however it is much easier to
open the zinc if over bent, you will have to spread the channel if you
have to open because the channel will close up on itself.

This seemed like a good place to start.

You can see here that I tack the lead together as I go only because
the lead is so thin, if it where 3/16 or greater then I would have to
worry about the edges of the glass slipping out and causing me to
put them back. I have rough ground the next set of petals

After I get the flower at the top in I will concentrate on the bottom
area of the photo here. Read on to page 2.

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