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Cutting Diamonds

The basic tools to cut multiple diamonds the same size.
2 - 30 x 60 degree set squares.
1 - strip cutter or rail cutter.
1 - pair breaking pliers.
1 - 2 foot framing square.

Using a graduated ruler I notch the glass at 2" with my cutter.
Now I can adjust the strip cutter to the notch and as the wheel
drops in to the notch I lock it in place.

Here is a 2" strip lined up with the 60 degree side of the set square
and as I cut another 2" piece off it forms a diamond.

With a bunch of diamonds cut I turn to the borders - this will make
number 4. When cutting these you must cut a little off center and
keep the smallest one I generally throw the other in the G can.

This is how number 2 is cut with the 30 degree angle.

Cutting number 3 for the outside edge using the 90 degree side..

A 2 inch strip cut to a diamond using a 60 degree set square will
give you a diamond 3-7/8 inches tall and 2-5/16 wide.
If a person had a little leeway they could do the math make a window
as close as they can and then add the border at the end of the construction
with out a pattern, remember to add for lead allowances.

Diamonds are forever...

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