The Chess Board


Clive Michie

Some of the tools used to make the chess board. A framing square is held
to the 1/2 inch by 3/4 inch parting stop or molding with horse shoe nails.

The home made edger and an aluminum ruler for a smother surface for
the bottom of the edger to slide on and not on the glass. Here I am
stripping a piece of glass that I will cut the squares from. You can
see the graduated ruler beside the framing square, I use this to lock
my edger at specific sizes that I can return to is need be. 

Here are 4 strips of white and 4 of caramel.

Using a small square I will make the ends of the strips square before
strip cutting.

With my edger still set at the heights of the strips I stand the strip up
and cut the squares needed for the board.

64 squares are required to make a chess or checker board.

Here is the board I will use to cut the 56 pieces of lead need for the
project and it helps if they are all the same size exactly. The soap is
used to help the board slide in the channel of the band saw.

Figuring out the lead length and setting the lead jig to cut many.

The band saw jig to cut the pieces of lead I need for the job. A horse
shoe nail is used to gauge the length of the lead.

Here is the zinc and the lead ready for assembly.

The zinc was cut longer and after the soldiering I will cut the excess off
on the band saw.

 I use a little molding to hold the job together for soldiering.

Cemented and dry cleaned.

The End

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