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Pan's Pleasure



A response to Pan's Seduction by Megan Love

The words she sings do catch Pan's ear
Inside he feels her trembling fears
Yet ripe and sweet and full of dreams
That make the future come unseamed.

He feels the breath of her love
and his soul and heart and mind do acknowledge
But yet the truth of his love can be known
Only at the end of his dagger.
His dagger my lady?
His dagger he said?
The dagger he prongs the world with
to take a good look at the holder.

What does Pan want
oh, what does he want?
To fly, and be free seems his greatest want.
To be free of the ground, and the grave that it holds
To be free, to have fun and be seen and get girls
But, Pan knows no love like the shadow thief
Who in taking it took his heart.

But Pan is a man and some called him a god
Of music and women and songs and hot love.
He shall have what he wants and he wants what he gets
Not just in the spirit
But also in bed
For here in our arms
The real present lives
Not there or somewhere but here
In our bed
Even sleep can not take that truth away.

And Pan has slept in many beds
He's the fire that comes to your legs through your head
And to desire him means to take him in full
So one must be ready to deal with it all
Though I've never touched you
and the world lies between us
I do want you my darling
More than you can imagine
only your words have I had to know and love you
So how can I love you only for that.

My heart knows better than any other
Even my body you have never seen live or touched
Feels this feeling for you
Words cannot encrust
But Pan's desire knows no ends
His passion always provides the means
And if you can touch not just his
But awaken his body and his love
Then, the shadow is sewn.

And Pan becomes whole
I play my flute
By a running stream,
all blue and green
reflecting my garden
There is nothing in my head but notes.

But in one note I hear your name
And love's symphony's seed has been planted.

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