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Life Cycles


Tom Tannehill

i remember deep funks when life was a day to day,
hour to hour, minute to minute ordeal.

no direction, no lifeís plans, no forward thinking
i was young then and i had the whole of the earthís weight
on shoulders that seldom held my own.

i was a serious man with a serious cause and
lifeís rhythm seemed out of sync.

i was at war with all that I cherished, all that was dear to me.
i prioritized, reprioritized and de-prioritized all that
i thought important and most that was not.

along the way, i lost a wife, bore a son, succeeded at work,
found a better wife, bore a daughter and matured slowly.

my journey through life was unplanned
with fortunes and misfortunes, success and failures.
but then i began to walk, and not run, sit and not stand,
and fall silent when there was no need to talk.

the world around me slowed and life took on new worth.
the sun was brighter and the sky bluer. i could stare in
wonderment at the moon and starís beauty, and life
simplified and was good.

now as my thoughts dim, i am at peace. all that could
be has been done, and i foster no heartache or regret.
i look forward to my destiny with a sense of calm expectation. 
And i am young once more.

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