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Etiquette in A Congregation


Tiffany Alfonso

Part 2

When it comes to clothing, ladies, you would be interested in wearing tank tops and shorts. But if you wear them to a congregation, it'll be a no-go. For example, if my place of worship happens to be a huge, Gothic-style, turreted, regal, Roman Catholic (and I mean with a BIG pipe organ) church, their dress code is strict -- dressy garments required, with no shorts, tank tops, or camisole (spaghetti straps) shirts. Regardless of what church, synagogue, or temple you worship in, you have to dress in a way that shows respect to those places. If I, for example, strut to St. Philip The Apostle in shorts and a camisole shirt, this would be way out of bounds. Shirts with inappropriate materials would be too in there. So, whatever you do, dress (modestly) for the congregation!

An active participant in a service soaks the speech and applies it to their life. For example, if I had to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, which usually airs during my church's Mass celebration, I'd rather tape it instead of skipping the gathering! And also, keep yourself glued to the service until it's over because, no matter the circumstances, you will be blessed! So, the next time you have a beach party on Sunday, transfer the date to Saturday!

To wrap it up, you need to show good (and I mean good) manners in the congregation. If you want to call your friends on the cell phone, do it afterwards. Punctuality counts, as far as respect towards other people worshiping in it (the service). Please don't bother those who are praying and dress nicely. Also, hook yourselves to the assembly and keep it that way until the final blessing. These procedures seem to say about the second law -- to keep a particular day of the week sacred, no matter what religion you are.

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