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I Loved You Once


Theresa Cecilia Garcia

I loved you once
when our exchange of letters
meant triviality and romantic escape
before pride and attraction became
mere irritation.

I loved you once
when absurdity dictated
your sense of humor
and laughter disturbed my thought
cast by anxious glances at the clock.

I loved you once
when I was your voyage of discovery
and you the great traveller
who had just uncovered a new world
nobody else knew anything about.

I loved you once
when your child-like imagination
made the heights higher and depths
deeper putting mental pictures
into words scene by scene.

I loved you once
before unusual incidents and interests
replaced my splendour in your eyes
with fierce and heavy brooding
that vapourized our sincerity.

I love you still
with unspoken hesitation
while the stone slab of seeming madness,
shadows and vague images reflecting
in lonely water-pools hide that reality.

I love you no more
because contradiction is my nature
survival my main accommodation
and you the scholar who got too close
with a doubtful hieroglyph.

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