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T L Taylor

To touch you, to hold you;

Ah, yes, to feel you.

Losing myself staring into

Your big beautiful brown eyes.

Falling asleep with you

Cradled in my arms.

To awaken the next morning

Still holding your comfortable warmth.

Falling in love with you,

Being in love with you,

Making love with you;

These thoughts fill me

With sweetness and peace.

Alas, though, it will never be.

My life, my mind, my soul

Will be filled with the bitter sweet memory.

Oh, but if it could be, just once.

I could go into the next world happy and content.

To touch you, to hold you;

Ah yes, to feel you.

The softness of your skin,

The smell of your hair,

So long, so beautiful.

To pick the fruit, to taste the nectar;

It is of the forbidden tree.

To be near you, to hear your voice,

Life takes on new meaning.

Your smile lights up the night;

When it is flashed at me,

It lights up my life, my world.

To touch you, to hold you;

Ah yes, to feel you,

Once, just once.

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